about console!

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about console!

my console is "
black letter and white backgroud"
how to make it
"white letter and black backgroud"
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Re: about console!


what is the terminal type u have???

for all user do u get like that>>???

what is ur console make/model??

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Sanjay Kumar Suri
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Re: about console!

Check this thread:


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Re: about console!


You seem to offer more detailed infomation about what type of console you have.

However, one of easy way is to attach a dummy console(not grephic) into the machine.

Almost the console displays the output white letter at the black backgroup.

Easy going at all.
Sunil Sharma_1
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Re: about console!

If you are using dumb terminal as console then you may required to change the CMOS setting of Terminal.

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Bharat Katkar
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Re: about console!

Use function keys F1 - F10 on keyboard. Normally it is F10 key to enter configuration. Press F10 to enter terminal configuration menu. Further you can search for Font/Background.
For some terminals it is ALT-CNTRL-ESC.

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melvyn burnard
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Re: about console!

I would suggest you let people know precisely which terminal you are using, as this will enable the right information to be supplied.
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