commando plug

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commando plug

Hi all.
I need to ask is any of you did even know about this commando plug?
We are using 13A normal plug to support our rack server but will rennovate the data centre and plan to use this so called commando plug.
Is the rack power supply and port can support this?

Pls advice

Re: commando plug

'Commando' normally refers to the IEC309 plug and socket standard which is available in a range of ratings and for single phase or three phase power.

Certainly most rackable power distribution units can be configured to draw power from a commando socket. Nearly all HPs own PDUs have a IEC320 C19 input socket, so to connect that to a commando socket you would need something like E7808A (for a 16A rated PDU). Have a look at the available specs here:

This catalog here is a nice guide to commando plugs and sockets too:$File/2CMC700001C0201_A_en_Short_Form_Catalogue_29004.pdf

WARNING!! This stuff is dangerous if you don't know what you're doing with it. My advice is if you're not sure, consult a qualified electrician.



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