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configure the operating mode of the DL160 GEN10 cooling fans

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configure the operating mode of the DL160 GEN10 cooling fans

Подскажите, где можно настроить режим работы вентиляторов охлаждения. У меня два сервера CZ20190MBW и CZ20190MBZ. Конфигурации и ОС абсолютно одинаковые. Один работает в тихом режиме (вращение вентиляторов 14%) с загруженной ОС (ESXi). Второй шумный, этот показатель у него равен как минимум 35%. Так было сразу. Как я понимаю, это дело в настройках. Подскажите, как это можно сделать.

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Tell me where you can set the operating mode of the cooling fans. I have two servers CZ20190MBW and CZ20190MBZ. The configurations and OS are exactly the same. One runs in quiet mode (14% fan rotation) with a loaded OS (ESXi). The second is noisy, his figure is at least 35%. So it was right away. As I understand it, this is a matter of settings. Tell me how this can be done.


Re: configure the operating mode of the DL160 GEN10 cooling fans



Setting the thermal configuration:-
Use the Thermal Configuration option to select the fan cooling method for the system. Modifying this option is only advised for configurations that differ from typical Hewlett Packard Enterprise-supported configurations that cannot be cooled adequately via Optimal Cooling.


1. During POST press F9 to enter System Utilities
2.From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Advanced Options > Fan and Thermal Options > Thermal Configuration.
3.Select a setting.
•Optimal Cooling—Provides the most efficient solution by configuring fan speeds to the minimum required to provide adequate cooling.
•Increased Cooling—Operates fans at a higher speed.
•Maximum Cooling—Provides the maximum cooling available for the system.
•Enhanced CPU Cooling—Provides additional cooling to the processors, which can improve performance.
4. Press F10 to Save your setting 

Please go through below document for more details (Page 137) 

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