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customer replaceable units + hp

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customer replaceable units + hp

'd like to get more informations about this theme. Can you give some links about all general informations over customer replaceable units + hp.
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Re: customer replaceable units + hp

What are you interested in replacing yourself?

Are you looking for hot-swappable devices?

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harry d brown jr
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Re: customer replaceable units + hp

It really depends on the type of systems you have as to what HP will deem "customer replaceable".

Here is alink for all parts HP deems customer replaceable for the rp54xx series of machines.

I have replaced disk drives, RAM, CPUs, PSUs, various PCI cards, power supplies.

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Re: customer replaceable units + hp

With the exception of system boards and power supplies, its really not tough to replace part in hp-9000 and Integrity servers.

I still prefer to let HP's trained people do that task.

Steven E Protter
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Re: customer replaceable units + hp

Most power supplies are quite simple, too.

But a PCI-X cardcage in an rp7420 mounted at the top of a 2M cabinet.....
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