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download a list of supported hardware

Doug O'Leary
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download a list of supported hardware


I'm trying to find out how to download a list of hardware that I have under HPE support preferably in xls format.  I've foudn the 'reports' button on the 'view my contracts and warranties' page; however, that doesn't seem to work.

The 'my contracts and warranties' report just gives a blank page; the 'my contracts' page looks like it'll do what I want; however, when selected, the report runs for 2-3 hours then fails.  no error, no reason, just says 'failed'.

I just got off of a chat session with HPE and a phone call.  Both those are saying getting a list of supported hardware isn't possible.  

I really *can't* be the first person looking for this.   So, long way to a short question: how can I get a list of supported hardware by contract from hpe?

Thanks for any hints/tips/suggestiions.

Doug O'Leary

Senior UNIX Admin
O'Leary Computers Inc