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hp Rack and Power Manager 1.1

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hp Rack and Power Manager 1.1

Having just installed version 1.1 of the rack and power manger software whenever I try to administer it I get

"A Runtime error has occured.
Do you wish to Debug?

Line: 365
Error: Object doesn't support this property or method."

It also fails to discover either the serially connected UPS or any system agents.
I have upgraded the agents and the SRM to version 1.1.
Version 1.0 discovered them ok. However did not shutdown any servers when configured ti do so.

Any ideas?



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Re: hp Rack and Power Manager 1.1

I installed 1.1 and the web page won;t even come up. Says The page can not be displayed
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Re: hp Rack and Power Manager 1.1

I had similar problems like Jeremey.
Page not found from:

Checking for anything listening on port 3257 with:
netstat -a
I found nothing.
HP found a responce where if the password contains special charactors the UPS software does not get installed properly.

I reinstalled using alpha and numeric passwords and My Rack and Power manager seems to work fine now.