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hp kvm 336044-b21

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hp kvm 336044-b21

Could I get a reset password?


EID:  520343-026b4c-0000


Re: hp kvm 336044-b21

Recovering a lost console switch serial management password:

1. Establish a terminal session, and press the Enter key. You are prompted to enter the console switch serial management password.

2. Enter HELP. A 16-bit key and the EID number of the console switch appear.

3. Call the HP technical support phone number (1-800-474-6836). Give the service person your 16-bit key and EID number of the console switch. A one-time password, which is specific to your console switch, is given to you.

4. Enter the one-time password. Your previous console switch serial management password is deleted.


Reference: (Page 69)

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