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iLO Amplifier Looses Connection to Servers

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iLO Amplifier Looses Connection to Servers

I have a subnet that contains an assortment of 30 DL360 G8/G9/G10 servers and I am running iLO Amplifier 1.60 to manage the servers.  When I initially discovered the servers I had no problem connecting to the iLOs and performing the inventory.  But, every day between 2-5 of the servers are tagged "Unknown" and the Status shows  the error "Server not Reachable".  Attempted "Refresh" actions will not resolve this problem.  If I delete the server and do an immediate Discovery, it comes right back into iLO Amplifier with out any problems.

I did not have this problem when I was running Version 1.55 of the product.  This behavior only started when I upgraded to Version 1.60.


Re: iLO Amplifier Looses Connection to Servers

I see a known issue with Gen 10 with intergration to infosight and below is the advisory and its only related to Gen 10 servers but here issue is across gen 8, 9 & 10..

Things to check:

How frequent is the failure.

Is thier any AD integration or infosight or any other management tool..

Is the support ticket logged with us ..


Rest and update ILO's firmware and check the symtpoms..

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