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iLO server issues with smtp email alert and ping

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iLO server issues with smtp email alert and ping


I'm opening this case because HPE support engineers couldnt help us, maybe someone here with experience will have an idea...

We have 2 ESX servers installed at a client site, installed at a different time, so not the same.

Since many months now we have issues about smtp email alert service.

When the iLO server starts, if we do a test of smtp email alert, it works fine, the log says the email is sent and we receive it.

But after few minutes (5-10mn), if we do another smtp alert test, it fails. In the iLO Event log, we can see an error talking about configuration problem, which is very strange because it worked fine few minutes before.

We tryed with our own SMTP server, and a public email serveur Infomaniak, same issues.

And what is strange is that we have this issue on both servers.

During our investigation we have found another issue that is happening after the 5-10mn of the iLO server boot, so when smtp email stops working. The issue is that we cant ping no more the iLO server ip adresse from the VPN. When the iLO starts up, we start a ping of the of iLO server from my laptop with VPN, it works. During this moment the smtp email alert works. And after the 5-10mns, the smtp email test fails, and at the same time the ping doenst work anymore. If we do a ping from a machine on the local site network of the client, the ping is still working, but from the VPN its no more working...

Well HPE did some things :

- Check the AHS and OS logs.

- Multiple remote sessions to check Ip configuration of iLO servers

- Both iLO servers are up to date with firmware and SPP package.

- HPE also did replaced the systemboard of one of the two ProLiant.


After all of this, HPE couldnt find a way to help us and closed the ticket...

I have continued to investigate and did more tests :

- Logged in the iLO server with SSH, and did a ping to the SMTP server : it works



Well now I really dont know where to investigate, it's completly strange and I have no idea....


Maybe here someone had this issue and could have an idea ?


Thank you,


Re: iLO server issues with smtp email alert and ping



Please do confirm if AMS is installed.


Please do restart AMS services.

  • VMware - Enter the following command: /etc/init.d/ restart.



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