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iPDU Remote Management

Daren Daigle
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iPDU Remote Management

I am trying to find a way to control the individual outlets via some sort of request.


I understand that the system supports xml requests. I believe based on one of the documents been able to create the properly formated request.


I cannot figure out how to deliver it. There is no good documentation on this product that covers this.


Does anyone have any success doing this?

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Re: iPDU Remote Management

Does this help?


HP Intelligent Power Distribution Unit
User Guide

Hope this helps!

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Re: iPDU Remote Management

Did you ever sort this out?

I am in the smae position in that I would like to be able to control my iPDU using 3rd party applications.  It's in a home server rack and I would like to be able to power down/up equipment while running on the UPS.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Marty.