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model 336044-B21 kvm switch

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model 336044-B21 kvm switch

This KVM switch is the most annoying pile of garbage I have ever seen! I have literally wasted days trying to configure it. The documentation that arrived with it might as well have been on toilet paper! I have contacted HP at least 5 times concerning the switch. The biggest problem is no one at HP can answer my questions. The 1-9 buttons atop the keyboard are useless and do nothing. Nowhere in the documentation does it explain how to program them. The documentation provided with the switch explains interfaces that are not even present on my switch. The expansion module appears to be a server and I have found no way of cascading it as a different device. So all of the servers originating from the module are on port 8. HP cries out in the documentation that users are returning this switch in large volumes due to user error. Well I can tell you I am begging for HP to show me how to avoid "user error" and they cant! Id be grateful for any help in this extremely aggravating situation. I am now on hold with an HP rep I am struggling to understand. (approx. 20 mins so far) Come on HP you can do better than this!
Gary Cantwell
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Re: model 336044-B21 kvm switch

Hi Dave,

Can you email me the following? (just click on my name on the left to get my email address)

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I will pass your details onto customer care,