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no Measurement on UPS Managment Card

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no Measurement on UPS Managment Card

We have 2 R3000xr UPS with "HP UPS Management Module 1.00.A" for redundant Power Supply
Yesterday I clicked in the WebManagmentInterface and the Module crashed. After reboot the Module I have no Measurement on Webinterface or via Telnet.

UPS Model: Serial Firmware
Option Card: 1.00.A Serial P38900C9VYA Firmware 2.1.3
Status: Unknown Protocol: XCP

Input Voltage: 0V (normal 0V - 0V)
Input Frequency: 0Hz
Output Voltage: 0V (normal 0V - 0V)
Output Frequency: 0 Hz
Output Source: Unknown
Output Power: 0 W
Output Load: 0% (normal < 90%)

High Voltage Transfer: 0 V
Low Voltage Transfer: 0 V

and so on.

The old Firmware was 1.2.x.
The I have upgrate to the current Version 2.1.3 but no changes.
Reset to factory defaults does not help.

Then I took the other (correct working) module updated to V 2.1.3 and now this Modul has also
no Measurement anymore :-(

How can I download the old Firmware 1.2.x or fix my Modules ?

Brian Vo
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Re: no Measurement on UPS Managment Card

Try one of these ways:
1-Reseat the module (hot-pluggable)
if not working, try:
2-Set to Factory Default using Hyperterminal
if not working, try:
3-Upgrade your UPS to FW=2.02
(if it does have FW=2.02 then just powercycle the whole UPS)

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Re: no Measurement on UPS Managment Card

Thanks for your answer.

[quote] 1-Reseat the module (hot-pluggable)[\quote]
no changes (see below)

[quote] 2-Set to Factory Default using Hyperterminal [\quote]
no changes

[quote] 3-Upgrade your UPS to FW=2.02 [\quote]
My UPS has FW=2.00, I will upgrade soon as possible.

But I think the current FW is crashed on one UPS.
[quote] powercycle the whole UPS [\quote]
hmm, I must find a downtime windows.
Not all connected devices, only Server and Storage, has redundant power supply (Switches)
Is there a way to reset the UPS firmware without powercycle (with hidden reset button or key press on Panel )?

One UPS (the first) is working again. I do not know why. I have reseat the Managment modul and the original seriall modul many times and send any keycodes with Hyperterminal with any baudrates ...
The second UPS ist not recovering with this procedure.