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.pfx files

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.pfx files

i am new member in this forum. 
First of all, i want to thank you for your accepting.
i have a problem with server hpux and search to find a solution a long time now.
I want to take the .pfx file (ssl certification) from above server (HP UX) so as to import in to other windows server.
I don't know how i will take it. I try to take it working on Windows Server 2003.

Thanks in advance,


Re: .pfx files

I believe your requirement is to Move or copy an SSL certificate from an Apache server on HPUX to a Windows server.

You may Create the .pfx file using OpenSSL in HPUX. Refer URL:
The same URL explains, How to Import the certificate in the Windows MMC console

To move the .pfx file from HPUX server to Windows server, you can use tools like WinSCP , it can be downloaded from , Install it on windows machine.

I work for HPE

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