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post error 162 and no floppy drive ;(

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post error 162 and no floppy drive ;(

I got an old Prosignia 300 from work a P75 all SCSI.
The problem is when I boot the thing I get a Post error 162.
No options for F1/F10, ( don't work either )
The main problem is that the floppy drive doesn't even work, so I can't use bootdisk's or whatever, since it's an all SCSI including the CD-Rom, I can't access anything.
After asking the person who used it the last time ( as a linux firewall ) He told me he used a smartstart to erase the config, that was the last thing he did after turning it over !!!
He was sure the floppy drive worked before because he saved his FW-config on a floppy, just before using the smartstart cd to erase the config.
If anyone knows how to get the machine to work, plz reply.
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Re: post error 162 and no floppy drive ;(

Take this SmartStart CD from that person and configure machine using setup from this CD