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problems with rackmount monitor model TFT5600 RKM

Terry Seppala
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problems with rackmount monitor model TFT5600 RKM

I have a rackmounted monitor/keyboard unit in my server rack, and all of a sudden the monitor has become very dim. It didn't happen over time, just became extremely dim so you can barely see what is going on on the screen. Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong? The unit is less than a year old, so I wouldn't think it is bad, unless it was defective to start with. Any help suggested would be greatly appreciated.



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Marc Carney
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Re: problems with rackmount monitor model TFT5600 RKM

If this is the model that looks like a laptop screen, then you will probably find that when you close it down a small plastic bit presses into a hole onto a microswitch that switches the screen off. This may be faulty. Alternatively and probably more likely: you may find that the TFT backlight has died, I've seen this on other TFT screens, like you can make out the LCD underneath but no light behind it.

In either case under a year old it should be under guarantee. You will need to log a call with HP to get this repaired or replaced.
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