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"12 volt Bulk warn"

Jim Garza_4
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"12 volt Bulk warn"

Our ES40 has display a "12 volt Bulk warning" message on the front of the operator display. The system is still operational.......
After looking up the message on the operators guide, it indicated that there was a + or - voltage threshold on the power supply. We had our local provider order a power supply for the system. Has anyone out there run into this before, if so what was your solution ????

Jim G.
timmy b.
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Re: "12 volt Bulk warn"


I agree with your process, I think you lost a power supply.

Your server can have up to three bulk power supplies, depending on your configuration. They are designed with redundancy in mind. So, depending on how it is configured (amount of cpus, memory and I/O), there may be a "spare", giving you N+1 capability. (The system may need 1 BPS and you have 2, or the system may need 2 and you have 3) Because of this N+1, you can actually lose a power supply and the system stays up. When more than one power supply are in the system, they share the load.

Take a look at the lights on the front of your existing power supplies, there are two lights. The first is POK (Power OK) and will be on if the system is on AND that power supply is providing power to the server. The other is your +5V power, it should always be on when you have a power cord plugged in, even if the system power is off. Think of it as "housekeeping" power.

If that POK light is out, you definitely need a new BPS.

I hope this helps!

Good Luck - Tim
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Jim Garza_4
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Re: "12 volt Bulk warn"

Thanks for your input on this issue. What it turned out to be was the PCI Backplane. Funny because the first backplane that I put in there, it was defective and now I was getting a "5v bulk warn" message. Server ran fine, just the message was being displayed on the op panel. When the second back plane arrived I swapped it out and the problem was resolved and the op panel was now displaying the system rev level as it should.
again thanks for all your help...
Have a GREAT DAY !!!!!!