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"Intelligent" KVM ?

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"Intelligent" KVM ?

Hello all


I'm looking for an equipment that will be racked in a 19 pouces standard HP racks, that will be able to connect to remote servers with RDP by example ..


ItBest should be the classical KVM equipment (keyboard + screen), but as I know they can only connect via  the USB or PS2 and VGA output of the servers.


I need to connect to remote Windows servers ... via RDP ?


DO ou know about such a device ?


I can install the smallest DLxxx in this rack, but it will be n OS to manage , and too much power and ressources for what I need ..


Many thanks in advance



Honored Contributor

Re: "Intelligent" KVM ?

I don't Understand exactly what your after.


If it's a KVM switch that you can access over IP from your workstation HP has the following options.


HP IP Console Switch G2
HP 1x1Ex8 KVM IP Console Switch G2 with Virtual Media CAC Software
HP 2x1Ex16 KVM IP Console Switch G2 with Virtual Media CAC Software
HP 4x1Ex32 KVM IP Console Switch G2 with Virtual Media CAC Software

Regular Advisor

Re: "Intelligent" KVM ?

to the bad explanations ..


What I need is in a data center DCA, a racked  hardware (minimum a keyboard and screen) that can allowed me to connect to a remote site (in data center DCB) windows server via RDP in order to launch a windwos session on the remote server..


Io access the remote site DCA, in DCA I can install a DLxxx server with a KVM, but I'm wondering if there is not a racked solution lighter that installing a DL, OS ... on it ..


Thanks again in advance



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Re: "Intelligent" KVM ?

Well i don't think that HP has one of those. Closest thing i can think of is a 1RU server and a  HP TFT7600 G2. Wich is kind of a rackable laptop without the Computer part. It has Screen, Keyboard and a touchpad. But it's really a complement to a kvm switch.



Jimmy Vance

Re: "Intelligent" KVM ?

The IP KVM allows you to access the KVM over the network. If your remote and can "RDP" into another system in the data center, then you should be able to access the IP KVM from the system your attached to via RDP. Not entirely sure if that is what your asking. You can't "RDP" into the KVM

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