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why is it always a pain in.... to setup basic stuff

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why is it always a pain in.... to setup basic stuff

Hi guys,

I've been in the IT for years, tech, sales, management, consulting.... 

I've seen the it business becoming more and more complex, even for simple things...

latest : trying to install sum 8.5.0 on ML110 gen 9 for a customer... failure with an obscure "failed to listen..." error message.

I had a to gather bits and bobs of info  :

"might come from the firewall setting..." nope sorry, firewall is fine no alert logged on 63001 and 63002 port.

checking the logs in smartupdate...

finaly I had to set up a virtual server and virtual client in lab to be able to find a solution, lost few days (again) in solving something that should be taken care of by hpe.

btw the solution is  : give different port (opened in fw of course) to smartupdate (ie : smartupdate /port 3001 /ssl_port 3002)

yeahhh it's working !!!

for the sake of it I did try this just after : smartupdate /port 63001 /ssl_port 63002

and guess what.... error "message failed to...blablabla" I even switchoff the firewall in the lab... same error message, but working like a charm with different ports...

to summarise this short story :

- with default parameter smartupdate does not work for this customer ! lovely isn't it ?

- I lost few days of work, to solve this isssue : who am I billing my customer or HPE ? 

- When you think that the customer is also paying a warranty contract to be able to download spp and firmware...

my advice to HPE is : sell less different products, invest more in software integration. 

 I am fed up of loosing time to get things working,

Have fun and share your pain. 








Re: why is it always a pain in.... to setup basic stuff

Hi Jerome,

If you wish the issue to be investigated further, we request you to please log a case with HPE support so that we can help assist you with your queries. 

You may also get in touch with your ASM to have the issue routed through the correct channels. 


Thank You!
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