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2 industry-first technologies unite: HPE Container Platform on HPE Synergy

HPEContainerPlatform-And-HPESynergyblog3.jpgWhat do you get when you combine two industry-first technologies?

A solution that helps businesses innovate faster!

The HPE Container Platform is the industry’s first Kubernetes-based enterprise-grade container platform designed to run both microservices-based cloud-native applications and monolithic non-cloud-native apps. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) just combined this solution with HPE Synergy, the first platform architected from the ground up as a composable infrastructure. The combination of these two industry-first technologies helps enterprises accelerate their digital transformation pace. This solution is an ideal fit for application modernization, DevOps, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) applications – or those applications using a hybrid cloud environment.

Challenging problems in enterprise data centers today

Most organizations have co-location centers or data centers where they run a series of business-essential applications, and these applications are connected to data. In many cases, these enterprise applications are monolithic in their architecture and deployed on bare metal servers. Simply lifting and shifting these legacy applications to cloud platforms in the hopes of modernizing them will not work due to data gravity. Moving large amounts of data back and forth can result in significant cost. Completely re-architecting or refactoring monolithic applications is time-consuming and expensive, resulting in questionable ROI.

Also, managing these workloads across cloud and on-premises environments are challenging due to resources and skill constraints. And provisioning new environments for developers can be agonizingly slow. As a result, enterprise IT teams are stuck in an intractable situation where they are incurring double the costs from managing multiple environments – on-premises and in the cloud. Additionally, they have created siloes of their cloud and on-premises teams. And to top it all, they have not solved the business problem that led them to this transformation journey.

The solution: HPE Container Platform on HPE Synergy--comprised of 3 powerful components

To help today’s enterprises overcome these challenges, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) introduced the HPE Container Platform on composable infrastructure – HPE Synergy. This flexible, secure, and fully scalable solution enables enterprises to optimize the HPE Container Platform software running on HPE software-defined infrastructure. The HPE Container Platform on HPE Synergy reference configuration is currently available.

This solution, featuring two industry-firsts, is comprised of three powerful components:

  • HPE Container Platform

This unified container platform is designed and built for both cloud-native applications and stateful analytics applications running on premises, in multiple public clouds, or in a hybrid model. The HPE Container Platform supports 100% open-source Kubernetes and leverages IP from HPE’s recent acquisitions BlueData container software and MapR. With the HPE Container Platform, users benefit from the greater agility and bare-metal performance provided by lightweight containers.

  • HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure

The first composable infrastructure in the industry, HPE Synergy lets enterprise customers use one infrastructure for any workload, quickly repurposing it to run multiple workloads with simplified management. This agility allows HPE Synergy to easily support current and next-gen applications with vastly diverse infrastructure requirements. Through a single interface, HPE Synergy composes compute, storage, and fabric pools into configurations for any application. The solution also easily scales to meet ever-changing business demand, making it an ideal platform for containers.

  • HPE Nimble Storage

This solution provides persistent block storage and dynamically provides persistent volumes (PVs) for containers. With HPE Nimble Storage, DevOps and IT can store container images and easily manage stateful applications.

Benefits of HPE Container Platform on HPE Synergy

Many container platforms are available today, but only HPE Container Platform on HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure allows your IT team to assemble and reassemble resources on demand. This capability provides agility and scalability at the hardware layer and extends it to the overall HPE Container Platform.

The HPE Container Platform for HPE Synergy also speeds system deployment via template-based, unified API and automation. Instead of taking weeks or months to provision, it can be ready in hours. Furthermore, the solution simplifies the user experience with a self-service portal and one-click container deployment.

Lastly, the HPE Container Platform on HPE Synergy connects to external data without copying the data. By leveraging the HPE Data Fabric for pre-integrated, scale-out, edge-ready persistent storage--along with HPE Data Platform for data services--the solution allows applications to natively access and process data in place. The resulting solution saves time and improves performance.

General use-case platform handles a wide range of workloads

  • DevOps and CI/CD—Using automation and continuous monitoring throughout the application lifecycle to enable more frequent delivery of apps to customers, which improves developers' productivity and IT ops team’s efficiency.
  • Hybrid Cloud—Running a computing environment that includes a right-fit mix of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud services, with automation and orchestration to manage the environments.
  • Application modernization—Deriving greater business value from legacy applications by updating them with a modern platform infrastructure and containerization approach.

The winning combination of two industry-first technologies

HPE understands that container technology is a game-changer for accelerating innovation in the enterprise. This is why HPE has been investing, innovating, and validating the HPE Container Platform and optimizing the technology on HPE hardware platforms. HPE is ready to help enterprise customers move quickly as they modernize their applications with the winning combination of two industry-first technologies: HPE Container Platform on HPE Synergy.

To learn more, visit You can also read the press release announcing the HPE Container Platform availability or visit the HPE Container Platform website for more detailed technical information.  

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