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3 HPE Synergy customers go on the record

HPE customer testimonials techvalidate.pngRead how three HPE customers solved common legacy infrastructure challenges using composable infrastructure

As I mentioned in my recent blog, HPE Synergy customers rate the popular composable technology, I love to highlight customer successes. That’s because businesses can learn how to solve common challenges by reading how others did it. This type of peer-to-peer sharing is invaluable.

One way we help educate current or prospective HPE Synergy customers is through TechValidate, a survey-based software that captures customer feedback. In this blog, I highlight three customer stories captured by a recent survey – each is using HPE Synergy to solve the following common challenges:

  • Legacy infrastructure unable to meet demands
  • Poor hardware utilization driving up CAPEX
  • Too many infrastructure platforms with multiple processes driving OPEX
  • Long lead times to provision infrastructure
  • Inability to integrate and scale to meet future needs

Deploy any kind of workload when needed

According to the TechValidate survey results, Bitcon (a large computer services company) faced challenges that were almost identical to those I list above. They chose HPE Synergy to solve these issues because they were looking for a future-proof infrastructure that scaled as needed. They also wanted a single platform for all their workloads – both traditional and cloud applications. Additionally, Bitcon was looking for one management interface that integrates server, storage, and fabric; a broad ecosystem of DevOps software partners; and security features.

Using HPE Synergy, Bitcon reports significant time and cost savings:

  • Reduced the time to provision and re-provision infrastructure by greater than 50%.
  • Reduced the time to deploy new O/S and software application by 26-50%
  • Reduced the time to perform on-going updates by greater than 50%
  • They also reduced costs in the following areas: IT resource optimization 26-50%, automation and simplified operation by greater than 50%, infrastructure management by greater than 50%.

“HPE Synergy allows me to use my IT infrastructure as a resource pool to deploy any kind of workload when needed – in a very fast and more efficient way compared to traditional IT systems.” – Bart Heungens, Senior IT Architect, Bitcon.

To see the entire TechValidate testimonial from Bitcon, click here.

Easily adapt workloads from server to VDI

Global Client Solutions, a small financial services company, was seeking to eliminate silos with one infrastructure for any workload. They had too many platforms to manage with multiple processes, which was driving up OPEX.

To solve the problem, they deployed HPE Synergy with virtualization and VDI. They also implemented data management and analytics solutions. The results are significant:

  • The time needed to provision infrastructure and deploy O/S and application workloads dropped substantially. For example, they reduced the time to perform ongoing software driver and firmware updates by 26-50%. Additionally, the time to stand up infrastructure for their DevOps teams dropped 11-25%.
  • Application performance improved by 26-50%.
  • Lastly, they reduced cost in several areas by improved IT resource optimization, automation, and infrastructure management. 

“HPE Synergy has allowed us to easily adapt our workloads from server to VDI, which allowed us a graceful work-from-home transition during the COVID-19 pandemic.” – David Borg, IT Manager, Global Client Solutions.

You can read the entire Global Client Solutions TechValidate story here.

Deploy systems and applications in minutes…leverage private cloud

Skyview Satellite Networks is a medium-sized, marketing and advertising business who also shared their story about HPE Synergy. They were looking to modernize their legacy infrastructure because it was unable to meet their current business demands. With HPE Synergy, they saw the following results:

  • Reduced time by greater than 50% in all the following areas: time to provision infrastructure, time to deploy new O/S and software, time to update, and time to provision/re-provision storage.
  • Improved application performance – greater than 50%
  • Reduced costs by over 50% in all the following areas: IT resources optimization, automation and simplified operations, cost per VM, infrastructure management, provisioning times, and third-party software integrations.

“We now have the capability to deploy systems and applications in minutes rather than days and leverage the private cloud and composable compute model to produce unique solutions to longstanding industry problems.” – Christopher Horvat, Chief Technology Officer, Skyview

Read the complete Skyview Satellite Networks TechValidate story here.

Create a more agile, cost-effective data center

As you can see from these three testimonials, HPE Synergy customers are modernizing their legacy infrastructure while saving significant time and money. Today more than 5,000 customers worldwide are using HPE Synergy to create a more agile, cost-effective data center.

To learn more, visit the HPE Synergy website. You can read all the TechValidate HPE Synergy testimonials, mini case studies, and charts here.

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