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5 IT strategies for increasing enterprise speed and agility

Speed-and-Agility-in-the-Datacenter-HPE.jpgAthletes understand speed and agility training is vital for becoming the best they can be. It increases performance by strengthening muscles and improving coordination – giving them a competitive edge.

The same concept holds true for IT resources. In order to compete more effectively, businesses in every industry are transforming their IT strategy and resources to be as fast and agile as possible. Successful enterprises are achieving the best results possible in their digital transformation by following the five strategies explained below.

5 important strategies to ensure IT speed and agility

1. Discover hybrid cloud

To provide the most agility and cost savings possible, enterprises are choosing a hybrid cloud strategy -- combining public cloud resources off premises with private cloud on or off premises. A hybrid cloud strategy enables a business to choose the deployment method that works best for every workload, delivering timely, cost-effective, and secure resources.

2. Embrace software-defined

Software-defined infrastructure consists of fully virtualized compute, networking, and storage resources managed as if they were software. This model saves time and makes deployment and maintenance simpler for IT because IT resources are fully integrated and automated. Since software-defined infrastructure is not tied to specific hardware and can operate with little human intervention, businesses can make necessary changes faster.

3. Choose composability

Composable infrastructure is also important for enterprises that want speed and agility because it allows data center resources to be readily available as cloud services. With composable infrastructure, compute, storage, and networking resources are abstracted from their physical locations and can be managed by software through a web-based interface. This capability makes data center resources as readily available as cloud services, which means composability is an ideal foundation for private and hybrid cloud solutions.

4. Take advantage of “pay-as-you-use” options

Enterprises across all verticals — from manufacturing to retail to healthcare — are leveraging IT pay-for-use options to gain flexibility, increase control, and lower their total cost of ownership. Today’s as-a-service offerings deliver on-demand capacity and planning, combining the agility and economics of public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT.

5. Insist on infrastructure management simplicity

Streamlining the IT infrastructure management for an enterprise offers tangible benefits from the very first day it is implemented. Infrastructure management software eliminates complex manual processes and increases the speed and flexibility of IT service delivery by transforming servers, storage, and networking into software-defined infrastructure.

Real-life example of speed and agility in the data center: Porsche Informatik

In today’s automotive industry, the development time for new technologies and time-to-market are getting shorter. And to stay competitive, businesses must keep pace by continually advancing their technology.

That's why Porsche Informatik, a wholly-owned subsidiary and IT service provider of Porsche Holding, decided to modernize its IT components. Their vision required a complete renovation of their data center.

With about 30,000 Porsche employees in 29 countries across a global network of automotive dealers, the Porsche Informatik team needs to keep track of its hybrid cloud infrastructure, while controlling the entire computing environment and individual workflows. In addition, its data centers need to be highly available and efficient to support business-critical applications.

Porsche Informatik chose a clear path to designing their new data center, via software, to ensure speed and agility. With HPE Synergy, the IT service provider introduced a software-defined infrastructure that, in hybrid cloud environments, quickly and easily assembles flexible pools with physical and virtual computing, storage, and fabric, into any configuration and workload. Their approach is tailored to work seamlessly with the hybrid cloud services platform, VMware Cloud Foundation, and is customized for the specific requirements of Porsche Informatik.

Embedded in HPE Synergy, HPE OneView enables Porsche Informatik to pull together servers, storage, and networking for many infrastructure platforms in one management interface. The HPE OneView Global Dashboard consolidates and simplifies their hybrid infrastructure into a single, intuitive view of their cloud environment.

HPE GreenLake completes the solution, with the main differentiator underlying this flexible service model being a consumption-based approach. Porsche Informatik only pays, on a monthly basis, for the computing power that is used.

For Porsche Informatik, the overall solution combines the highest computing power, simple and centrally controlled system management, a high level of automatization, and security of on-premises infrastructure with the technological and economic flexibility of private cloud services. The result is an unparalleled return on investment.

Speed and agility for the enterprise

Improving speed and agility is not only for athletes. Businesses worldwide are thriving due to a transformed data center – one that prioritizes speed and agility to compete more effectively.

To read more about gaining speed and agility for your data center through composable infrastructure, visit the HPE Synergy website. To learn more about the digital transformation at Porsche Informatik, read the press release Porsche Informatik accelerates innovation with HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy or watch the video Porsche Informatik modernized its Data Center with HPE Synergy.

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