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6 Reasons Why Server Storage Drives Are Not All Equal

shutterstock_1048441231.jpgNot all coffee is created equal. It all starts with the beans, harvested with care and given unique attributes in the roasting process. Like great coffee, HPE is the superior ‘roaster’ when it comes to server storage technology.

All coffee is the same.

Did I just lose my Seattle audience? I know my wife just stopped reading. She drinks a different coffee beverage for every mood and season: Americanos, blondes, macchiatos, whatever that blue and purple Frappuccino was that I saw on a billboard the other day. But no matter how she decides to mix her java in the morning, what she cares most about is the source of the beans. See, I’ve been informed that not all coffee beans are equal. Some are harvested with care and others mass produced. Some are given unique attributes in the roasting process and others are shelled blandly out to the public so that the roaster can keep a few cents on every bean.

Naturally, the only way my wife could explain this to me was by getting on my level—the nerd level. And then it all became clear. Coffee beans are just like hard drives and SSDs—all options are not alike.

So when you’re shopping for server storage, trust HPE to add value at the source. We’ve been disrupters and innovators in the industry since it began. In fact, HPE introduced the first commercial implementation of the RAID controller in 1989. And today we’ve sold over 7 million units. We continue to refine and protect our storage technology—instilling excellence across our product lifecycle process. It’s undeniable, HPE is the superior ‘roaster’ of server storage technology.

Looking for specifics? From design to data center, here are the features that separate HPE server storage from the rest of the crowd:


Our storage solutions are built for enterprise level workloads, making them faster and better suited to the complex requirements of your organization. Take our new generation of Smart Array Gen10 Controllers, HPE’s most advanced group of storage controllers yet. They reduce power consumption by up to 45% compared to previous generations, and deliver 1.6 million IOPS -- that’s 65% better performance. If you want power, look no further.


Our corps of engineers work around the clock and bring decades of experience to solving complex issues for HPE customers. With patented solutions, including over 300 RAID technology patents alone, plus more than 25 years of market leadership in server storage, HPE is synonymous with excellence and innovation.


We spend the time to test, optimize, and validate every component in our server storage solutions to ensure that they work together seamlessly to give you peace of mind. HPE storage options are designed to work in harmony with HPE servers to eliminate firmware and operating system incompatibilities. Let’s see, is there anything else? Oh yeah. We stress test our components as if someone’s life depends on it. HPE drives go through 3 million hours of qualification testing before we blend them into your compute environment.


Our advisory team can help you future-proof your architecture, as well as assist in installation and maintenance to keep your servers and drives up and running for their maximum lifetime. HPE’s global server option support coverage provides support when and where you need it, with coverage delivered 24x7 in more than 140 countries and 30+ languages.


Breathe easy with built in security from HPE. Digitally signed firmware keeps your valuable data out of malicious hands. Add an extra layer of protection with controller-based encryption to meet compliance regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. And we set you up to mitigate any security issues quickly and effectively with HPE OneView, the most comprehensive infrastructure automation engine in the industry, which gives you unprecedented capabilities to monitor the health of your data center.


HPE products work the way you expect them to, plain and simple. And when it comes time to update your infrastructure, HPE Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) bundles firmware and software updates into regular releases, letting you quickly update your storage solution with the click of a button.

So there you have it: six profound ways that HPE adds value to our server storage options at the source. It’s a cut and dry fact that HPE has a track record of driving new technologies and responding to industry trends faster. Stick with us for better performance, greater storage capacity, reduced power consumption, and flexible options—all with our unique value-adds that make HPE server storage a premium roast.

All servers are not alike. Depend on HPE if you want the job done right the first time, every time.

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