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Effective small business server solutions require three components: optimal server configuration, easy setup, HPE SMB-Small Biz Solutions-blog.pngand partners to guide you. Learn how just right IT from HPE offers all that and more.

Successful small businesses usually reach a point in their growth when their IT needs extend beyond their employees' expertise or servers' capabilities. That's when you know it's time to call in the experts and start considering more advanced small business server solutions.

The ideal IT solution should support small business priorities—like driving productivity, improving efficiency, ensuring the availability of key data, and creating amazing customer experiences. Accomplishing these priorities requires investment in modern IT solutions. Yet many business leaders feel overwhelmed by the variety of small business server solutions available.

This is why partners play an important role. They can help find solutions that fit, discuss financing options, and offer service and support once the solution is in place.

HPE offers all of this and more, with a range of right-sized options for small business server solutions. Each solution offers three vital components that all small businesses need:

  • Optimized server configuration
  • Easy setup
  • Help from supportive partners

Let's take a closer look at each of these three factors.

1. The importance of server optimization for small businesses

An optimized product is one that runs at the ideal level. In the past, many small businesses felt pressure to overbuy IT solutions, which involved large capital investments. To relieve the pressure to overbuy, HPE crafts solutions that easily fit the IT needs of small businesses. The company's experience serving small businesses gives HPE a knowledge base that allows it to design solutions that fit the specific needs of smaller organizations. These optimized configurations are made to provide peace of mind to the small business owner. They offer assurance that an small business is not buying too much or too little, but only the right amount so that the solution is optimized.

Allied Trucking of Florida is a great example of an organization that found the right-sized solution. Many small businesses don't attempt to implement robust analytics platforms because they fear they can't afford the technology, but this case study proves it might be more within reach than you think. Allied Trucking of Florida chose HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers to create a real-time analytics operation that provides greater visibility for its industrial trucking business. The solution also includes switches, access points, and a support arrangement. The company is now armed with right-sized infrastructure that lays the groundwork to fulfill its vision of becoming a competitive, data-driven organization.

2. Easy solutions with simple setup

Small businesses often rely on small IT teams or outside consultants to help them implement IT solutions. HPE kept that in mind when creating configurations suited for small businesses. Deployments are simple and follow the same process every time, reducing the need for hyperspecialized expertise. Helpful deployment guides walk businesses or their partners through the process and rely on automation for portions of server and network setup.

When you're setting up a new small business or expanding out to remote or branch offices, there's a lot to do. Getting mired in complex setup tasks can take time away from more mission-critical concerns. Deployment guides and solutions designed specifically for small office use make it easy to set up or update IT at your small, remote, or branch office.

3. A supportive partner network provides peace of mind

Attempting difficult tasks without proper support can lead to complications, wasted resources, and in some cases, even failure. There's no reason for a small business to waste time making preventable mistakes when they can be avoided with the proper guidance. HPE solutions and their deployment guides take you step by step through what a small business needs to do to implement an IT solution. With the help of partners, there's no wasted time or money.

No matter where your business is located, it's easy to find an HPE partner. These partners extend the value of HPE to the small and midsize business. They guide small businesses to the appropriate solutions, help them install the solution, and then offer support services and resources to ensure there are no hiccups in business operation.

HPE wants to equip every small business with the tools it needs to successfully build IT infrastructure. That's why HPE prioritizes IT services for small businesses. These solutions let you take IT worries off your to-do list and refocus on what matters—growing your business and serving your customers.

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