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Almost two-thirds of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses: Don’t become a statistic


Did you know that an average cyber attack will cost a small business like yours between $84,000 and $148,000? Or that 60% of small business have to close their doors within six months of a cyber attack? [1] 

UTM Network protection_blog_304056263.jpgThe hard truth is that small businesses are not immune to cybercrime. Although data breaches typically only make the headlines when big companies get hit, the sobering reality is that 43% of cyberattacks specifically target small businesses,[2] with ransomware attacks increasing 15X in the last two years. [3] It takes just one unsuspecting employee to click on a link embedded in an email to bring your business to a screeching halt—and possibly cost you thousands of dollars to get your data back.

Yes. You have a lot to lose. We’re talking about critical business data and files; customer and employee records that could include Social Security, credit card, and bank account numbers; password lists; vendor IDs; and more. The good news? It’s simple and affordable to protect your network and keep cybercriminals out.

HPE Small Business Solutions for Unified Threat Management with ClearOS™ is an elegant solution, built on HPE ProLiant servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors and optimized and validated to run the ClearOS operating system. Using the ClearOS Marketplace you can quickly and easily customize your server with apps like Antimalware Rules, Gateway Antiphishing, Gateway Antivirus, IPS Intrusion Prevention System, and more, to protect your files and applications from network attacks, malware, viruses, and phishing scams. ClearOS also offers proven security apps and functions such as automatic updates, group policies, and Microsoft® Active Directory® integration. And ClearOS has already delivered patches to overcome the Spectre and Meltdown issues.

Clearly, you would never leave your briefcase or tablet in an unlocked car. Why jeopardize your company’s intellectual property by failing to install the proper safeguards for your valuable data? HPE Small Business Solutions for Unified Threat Management with ClearOS protect both your data and your employees’ productivity with one simple, affordable, and secure solution.

If you’d like to know more, please check out our Unified Threat Management video or read the HPE Small Business Solutions for Unified Threat Management with ClearOS solution brief. I think you’ll rest easier when you discover that network and business security is such a simple step forward.

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[3] Forbes, “Hewlett Packard Enterprise Releases iLO Amplifier Pack With Server System Restore,” February 2018.

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