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Ask the right questions about your SAP HANA migration infrastructure partner


Hana Migration Blog.jpgWhether you’ve just started your SAP HANA journey or have a HANA environment to refresh or expand, you have many infrastructure options to choose from. Know what questions to ask as you evaluate your choices.

Migrating to SAP HANA is one of most significant and transformational events your organization will undertake. That’s why you want to minimize business risk in all aspects of the project—including your choice of infrastructure partner. Given the importance of this decision, you need to make sure you carefully evaluate all the options and ask the right questions during the selection process:

Does the vendor have sufficient experience with SAP HANA environments like yours to meet your needs today and tomorrow? In most cases, the SAP HANA project success is critical to the company and to you, so choosing a vendor with experience in deploying SAP HANA—one that has done this many times before and can demonstrate proven success—can remove risk from the project.

Is the vendor following the rigorous SAP HANA certification process? Are their offerings compliant with the SAP KPIs? Not all vendors are required to follow this stringent process and offer systems that are merely supported, not certified for SAP HANA.

Will all of your applications run on the vendor's platform? Are there any application changes needed to be able to deploy in the vendor's proposed offering? In some cases, certain applications won't easily port to the vendor's proposed offering, and costly, time-intensive changes might need to be made.

These questions and more are discussed in this recent report from GP&S Consulting: Evaluating the market’s SAP HANA infrastructure solutions. (Registration is required to download.) The report takes a close look at the customer value, economics, and future readiness of two platforms for SAP HANA: HPE and IBM. Some of the key points highlighted in the report include why choosing industry-standard solutions for SAP HANA matter, how Intel-based systems deliver the highest proven performance for SAP HANA, and the value customers gain by upgrading from IBM Power to HPE.

We understand infrastructure replacements for SAP HANA can seem daunting because of the potential complexity, high stakes, and long-term investment. You know you need to move to SAP HANA but might be confused about the different deployment models, unsure about business continuity and security compliance, and new to in-memory computing.

Why choose HPE for SAP HANA?

We feel that HPE is uniquely equipped to help you succeed in implementing SAP HANA. For an excellent summary of the reasons why, check out this blog: Top 10 reasons to choose HPE for SAP HANA. We are the SAP HANA infrastructure market leader by a wide margin, and provide a broad platform portfolio that spans the needs of SAP HANA environments of all sizes and use cases. We offer leading high availability and security compliance solutions. We also offer a set of HPE Pointnext services, including consumption model choices that give you a breadth of experience you won’t find anywhere else.

On top of that, our own HPE IT organization is running SAP HANA with nearly 50TB in production. We use HANA, we know HANA and we have thousands of successful SAP HANA deployments to prove it.

We want to help you make the SAP HANA journey a success. We’re confident that after reading this market evaluation report, you will be better equipped to make the right decision for your company.

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Meet Servers: The Right Compute Blogger Diana Cortes, Marketing Manager, Mission Critical x86 Solutions, HPE.

Diana has spent the past 20 years working with the technologies that power the world’s most demanding environments and is interested in how solutions based on those technologies impact the business. A native from Colombia, Diana holds an MBA from Georgetown University and has held a variety of regional and global roles with HPE in the US, the UK and Sweden.

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