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Building an unstoppable enterprise one server at a time

Introducing HPE servers enabled with the Pensando Distributed Services Platform, delivering always-on datacenter protection, telemetry, and observability to the server where data is located.

Any enterprise that can instantly extract outcomes from its data will be unstoppable. Period.

It’s no secret that data, the new currency of the 21st century, is exploding in our hyperconnected world. IDC estimates global data creation to be in the tens of zettabytes a year (one zettabyte has 21 zeros).1MelissaE - HPE20181025001 - Blog - 200518.jpg Yet, Gartner observes only 6 percent of that data’s value is being extracted; the other 94 percent is wasted.2

Normally data bounces between multiple network and security appliances within the datacenter, resulting in wasted network capacity and unnecessary congestion points within the network.

Wherever it’s located, the key to getting the most from your data is to gain visibility, manage it efficiently, and act upon it quickly—all while ensuring the necessary security and governance are in place.

With this challenge in mind, HPE entered into a strategic partnership with Pensando Systems last October. We’re proud to announce the first results of this partnership.

Traditional datacenter network and security services are now moving to the server with the Pensando Distributed Services Platform (DSP), bringing multiple benefits to our enterprise customers that include:

  • Accelerating data analysis and time to insights
  • Eliminating the need for siloed, centralized service appliances
  • Mitigating risks to data security, governance, and compliance
  • Reducing the complexity and cost of IT infrastructure

Available this month, HPE ProLiant, HPE Apollo, and HPE Edgeline servers together with the Pensando DSP deliver a powerful hardware-accelerated suite of software-defined network and security services that are centrally managed, enabled, and scaled out to each server. 3

HPE servers now deliver distributed network and security services like always-on telemetry, deep observability, stateful firewall, and micro-segmentation—all independent of the server CPU and at full wire speed.

With no required host agents, the Pensando PCIe card provides several important benefits, including:

  • Improved security posture through distributed network protection
  • A “flattened” network topology
  • Minimized capacity and queueing bottlenecks associated with centralized and shared service appliances

HPE servers with the Pensando DSP are backed by single-call hardware and software support from HPE Pointnext and are available through HPE GreenLake.

In our hyperconnected world, distributed from edge to cloud, HPE and Pensando have teamed to accelerate what’s next and help you become an unstoppable enterprise.

To learn more about HPE servers with the Pensando DSP, look through the resources below or contact us at Also be sure to register for the free HPE Discover Virtual Experience, which begins June 23.

More resources are available right now:

1 Source: IDC Data Age 2025 Whitepaper
2 Source: Gartner- Market Insight- G00367646-
3 Product Availability: DL360 Gen10, DL380 Gen10, DL325 Gen10, DL385 Gen10, EL8000 Gen10, and Apollo 4510 Gen10, on June 1, 2020

Shin-Wen Kuo
Vice President & General Manager, Volume Compute Solutions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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As General Manager of HPE’s Volume Computer Solutions business, Shin-Wen is responsible for the multibillion-dollar core rack and tower portfolio P&L, including worldwide solutions strategy, go-to-market, and field enablement, plus sales pursuit engineering for top customers and key markets. She is chartered with driving the strategic transformation of the core compute solutions portfolio to deliver workload optimized solutions that deliver on edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service strategy.