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Choice on your hybrid cloud journey

We live in a hybrid cloud world, with enterprises relying on a mix of private and public clouds. Customers tell us that they need a common operating model with the freedom to choose the software stacks and consumption models that enable them to choose the best cloud model based on their needs.hybrid-cloud-journey-hpe-vmware.jpg_shutterstock_311651225.jpg

As we continue to build on our HPE Composable Cloud portfolio, we are committed to deliver an open, hybrid cloud platform that provides choice, visibility, and control, across all applications and environments, public and private. Through a consistent approach across software stacks and clouds, customers can reduce complexity and costs, and be ready for what is next. Core to our strategy is our commitment to integrating and expanding our leading partner program.

HPE and VMware® : providing customers with choice and composibility

For many enterprises, the choice is VMware, and that's why HPE Composable Cloud supports VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) to provide the easiest path for customers looking to deploy a simple, agile and secure hybrid cloud platform or VM farm. It includes unique integration resulting in 90% faster deployment of new configurations, and a 97% decrease in time for lifecycle operations. This integration brings composability to VCF, enabling customers to dynamically compose physical resources within a single console using VMware SDDC™ Manager to meet the needs of applications running on VCF Workload Domains.

Integrating composability with VMware vSAN™ provides fluid resource pools of compute, storage and fabric infrastructure to optimize performance and costs for each application. In addition, HPE Synergy's composable approach uniquely enables customers to run vSAN and SAN-based workloads on the same platform. This allows customers to simplify and run multiple workloads, like virtualized containers, or bare metal applications, all from a single environment, providing a platform that can grow dynamically for traditional workloads like databases, mission critical applications, and next generation workloads.

Introducing the HPE vSAN Ready Node: removing the guesswork for just right hybrid cloud

For customers who want to build their own hybrid cloud or VM farm, HPE is now offering certified, pre-configured, and easy-to order HPE vSAN Ready Node. To accelerate a customer's journey to hybrid coud, this SDS building block, certified under the VMware vSAN all-flash 6 specification, is built on the HPE ProLiant DL380.

The HPE vSAN Ready Node removes the guesswork with a pre-configured server for a just right balance of CPU, memory and network, plus I/O controller and storage for data management and data analytics using popular platforms like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database. Beginning with a 3-node cluster, each delivering 8 TB of storage and up to 50,000 IOPs, it can scale in one-node increments out to 64 nodes, delivering 512 TB of storage, and up to 3.2 million IOPs.

Data is the lifeblood for business, and we hear again and again from customers that they want premium protection for their valuable data assets. The HPE vSAN Ready Node is built on HPE ProLiant, the world's most secure industry-standard server. Beginning at server power-on, through real time scanning against an immutable digital fingerprint, we ensure that the hardware and firnware have not been compromised. This Silicon Root of Trust is exclusive to HPE.

Get the benefits of vSAN and only pay for what you use  

To make it easier for customers to kick-start projects, free up resources and move to simple, pay-as-you-go IT delivery models, customers can leverage the HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud. Only HPE goes beyond traditional leasing and financing solutions to offer true consumption, offering a scalable, pay- per-use solution which is managed for you out of your own environment. Pay monthly for the VMs you use. HPE takes care of the rest. By offering a different way to buy and provision, HPE and VMware can deliver on-demand IaaS bundles of server, storage, networking, virtualization, and operating systems, packaged into "private cloud as a service" or "everything as a service" platforms optimized to support business critical applications and services. 

The vSAN Ready Node is the latest addition to HPE’s Composable Cloud ecosystem. To help customers choose the best hybrid cloud solution, HPE will continue to expand on its Composable Cloud vision through ongoing innovation and an expanding partner ecosystem to further empower customers to choose the best hybrid cloud for their business.  At HPE we are completely energized by this opportunity, and look forward to updating the market as the HPE Composable Cloud continues to gain momentum.  

If you are standing at a fork in the road on your journey to hybrid cloud, check out the HPE Composable Cloud - an open, hybrid cloud platform that provides a consistent experience across all applications and environments, public and private.

You can also contact your local HPE Sales Manager or HPE Certified Partner directly.






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