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Deploy small business network solutions in minutes, not days

Learn how small business network solutions bundles remove the guesswork and hassle from setting up your SMB network.

Finding and deploying the right small business network solutions can be a challenge, in part because there are so many HPE Small Business network solutions-blog.jpgfactors to consider: How do you plan your new network? How do you select the right components? What other considerations need to be taken into account? And are there readily available small business network solutions that can make this process easier?

While the process may seem overwhelming, securing the right network solutions will help ensure your business's future success.

Here's what to know to set up your small office network as painlessly as possible.

Planning your network

Network infrastructure is the foundation of every network, whether it supports a small or large business. The components you choose to make up this infrastructure should be determined by customer and user needs, and by your expected growth plans. Because the needs and plans of your small business will likely shift over time, these components should also be flexible enough to adapt.

If you are like most small businesses, you start with the basics: switches, access points, and servers. Switches connect your devices, helping them communicate and share information. Access points connect devices to your business networks and to the internet. Wireless access points enable those connections without the added costs of cabling. And servers manage access to the centralized resources found on the network.

As you plan your network, look for enterprise-grade components that include security features and support fast Wi-Fi functionality. You'll also want to consider hardware that will ease an eventual transition to a hybrid IT environment.

Effortless and flexible network solutions

Since as a small business, you often have few or no IT staff, it's important to find components that are easy to install and manage. To meet these needs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise OfficeConnect offers switches and access points with enterprise-grade features but consumer-grade simplicity. With HPE OfficeConnect, you can scale up to eight wireless access points, all of which set up automatically. This solution also offers smart managed switches to power access points, security cameras, and IP phones without the added costs of cabling. Setup is managed over a mobile app and can be accomplished in minutes.

If you outsource IT management, or if you have a small IT team that's already spread thin, remote access—which allows administrators to configure, monitor, and update servers from anywhere in the world—will be critical. This feature allowed one managed service provider (MSP) to help its client base manage server operations remotely as a hurricane barreled through the area. Thanks to the HPE server management toolset, the MSP was able to save customer data, prevent hardware damage, and enact a nimble recovery once the hurricane passed.

You also require flexibility from your hardware, meaning you need servers that are sized for current needs but also have the capacity to grow with your business. With these requirements in mind, HPE created ProLiant Gen10 servers, one of several entry-level small business server solutions. ProLiant Gen10 servers give you innovative ways to increase performance, speed time to market, and gain market share.

Ensuring network success

Preconfigured small business network solutions bundles remove the guesswork from network setup. You don't have to wonder which products to buy or if those products will work together.

The HPE Small Office Deployment solution combines the HPE OfficeConnect 1920S switch, HPE OfficeConnect OC20 wireless access points, HPE ProLiant Gen10 server, and Windows Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter. The hardware is plug-and-play, and the setup wizard can be accessed with a mobile app to get the solution up and running in minutes, not days. The simplicity of the HPE Small Office Deployment solution eliminates the headaches and hassles so often associated with network deployment.

To learn more about addressing the network challenges SMBs face, watch this video on how to set up networking with HPE Small Office Deployment. You'll get tips on how to deploy SMB network solutions and watch an actual deployment happen in mere minutes.

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