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Drive for 25: More choice, less risk with improved data flow from HPE server networking options


Network Adapter Blog.jpgKnowing when and how to upgrade your server networking is not simple. Whether you are using 1Gb, 10Gb or 25Gb, you need to mitigate risk. Learn the options available from HPE.

“Have it your way.”

Remember the popular slogan that Burger King used for years to appeal to customers with the promise of more choice in the ways to have your burger? That’s just one example of the slogans companies large and small use to grab your attention and trigger more interest in products. 

Now: “Drive for 25.”

At the recent HPE Discover in Las Vegas this June, some attendees asked: What is this “Drive for 25” HPE is talking about?

Do you know? Well, if you thought HPE has started partnering with Tesla you’re wrong. If it was, sign me up for that team. Let me not digress, but make some sense of what “Drive for 25” is all about.

Our work and personal life has blended. We feel the same push in both places to upgrade this or upgrade that. For instance, how often has your cell phone provider suggested you need an upgrade? Maybe it’s advertising a better camera or plan, but what aspect of your phone causes you to want an upgrade? Access. Access to anything data you can get your hands on FAST. We want speed since we’re running on average 80* applications on our phone and using 40 per month. So, when your provider talks about consistent speed or working to give you 5G you listen. You should. You don’t want to be like the guy in a T-Mobile commercial that can’t access his concert tickets.

What about your business? Do you want access there too? Of course you do. Whether you’re in e-commerce, financial services, retail, airline or any other industry, you need your data to flow smoothly with no interruptions.

We’re experiencing a data avalanche of sorts with more and more data adding up and needing to manage it. How are you managing it? Have you experienced a frustrated customer that is trying to access their portfolio? How about a business partner that wasn’t very forgiving? Were you one of those that couldn’t buy on Prime Day since Amazon couldn’t handle the load and said “come back later”? You reduce those risks by looking forward and investing in your network’s future.

“Drive for 25” is HPE’s way of reminding businesses to consider upgrading its adapters like your cell phone provider does with the latest flashiest phone.

HPE was at the forefront of this data avalanche and has been evolving its ecosystem of servers, networking adapters, and switches to respond. We respect every business evolves at different times and we’re ready to help you transition whether you’re moving from 1-10Gb, 10-25Gb or 25-100Gb.

So, when you need to respond to increased data needs, reduce latency or catching up with a backlog of data: “Drive for 25” Or 10 or 100GbE.

Back to burgers. . . where it’s kind of like do you want cheese or no cheese, plenty of pickles and onions, or just a little mustard? Likewise, you should have a choice when it comes to network adapters. Your preference doesn’t matter to us. HPE wants to be considered and provide the best option that fits your server networking needs.

Now does “Drive for 25Gb” make sense? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

 * The Average Smartphone User Accessed Close to 40 Apps per Month in 2017,

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