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Get a pocket tool for small business IT with HPE Rapid Setup Software

Need to set up your HPE ProLiant servers quickly? HPE Rapid Setup Software is a simple, guided process for consistent system installation, setup, and configuration.

HPE20160720028_800_0_72_RGB.jpgImagine you have just walked into your office and you have a couple of new HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers ready to be setup and configured.  These servers need to be productive right away.  Piece of cake right because you now have the HPE Rapid Setup Software that comes standard on all new HPE ProLiant Gen10 solution models.

Before HPE Rapid Setup Software, setting up a new server was time consuming and tedious. You had to prepare your image, configure the BIOS settings, and then load the operating system or hypervisor, with multiple power cycles to wait through along the way. If you made any mistakes—like forgetting to set the RAID properly—you’d have to start all over. And then hair tearing might occur or something worse depending on your day.  You wanted something fool proof and fast – something automated.

HPE Rapid Setup Software is a simple, guided process for consistent system installation, setup, and configuration. Not only is it simple to use, getting the servers running and productive is also fast—so utterly fast that it can shorten deployment time by up to 50% on all HPE ProLiant DL and ML 10, 100, and 300 Series Gen10 Servers (based on an HPE partner testing and validation).

Check the benefits

Time savings—check. Let’s talk about cost savings. Although the dollar amount varies, it's a very simple equation. With simplified installation and deployment, you can save money by working with your partners to perform the installations and deployments themselves, and benefit from fewer errors. For partners, the guided process makes it so simple that it reduces the need for highly skilled technical person to perform the setup. This frees up this resource to handle/manage more pressing IT-dependent type responsibilities. Cost savings—check.

The HPE Rapid Setup Software USB drive is embedded in the drive of every ML, DL, and MicroServer Solution SKU—so it is already there, with no need to acquire separately. But you can also get the utility as an add-on for entry and performance HPE ProLiant servers. If setting and configuring a server or servers keep you up at night, we have solved your sleeplessness. Good night and happy trails.

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