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HPE GreenLake with HPE Synergy: Public cloud agility with on-premises control

Together, HPE Synergy software-defined composable infrastructure and HPE GreenLake cloud services deliver an on-premises, cost effective, and agile as-a-service IT solution for almost any business workload.

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HPE GreenLake with HPE Synergy is the evolution of IT, optimizing workloads in a pay-per-use model. You can run almost any business workload with a cloud-like experience and on-premises control. And that translates to impressive outcomes such as:

  • Customers get to market 75% faster, while saving 40% on IT resources.1
  • Customers experience 85% less unplanned downtime.2

A recent Porsche Informatik case study shows this unique solution in action. The IT services provider is part of a remarkable automotive brand, one that has captured imaginations worldwide for nearly 90 years. But when it comes to IT, the company is facing the same challenges other customers have been telling us about lately. It wants freedom to focus on business—without having to wait for IT, manage IT, fix IT, or overspend on IT.

“In today’s automotive industry, one thing counts above all else: being fast and agile,” says Gerald Nezerka, virtualization and storage team leader at Porsche Informatik. “Now, everything is running noticeably faster and more smoothly—and the employees feel this too,” confirms Johannes Strasser, virtualization architect.

“With HPE Synergy and HPE GreenLake, we have laid the foundation for a software-defined data center. Whatever the future holds—we are ready.” — Gerald Nezerka, team lead, virtualization and storage, Porsche Informatik

Simply better together

HPE GreenLake cloud services is the cloud that comes to you. It delivers on‐premises cloud experience where you pay for IT as you use it. HPE can provide management and support. And capacity is elastic, so you can rapidly meet changing needs without overprovisioning.ENG - HPE GreenBLOG - Lake with HPE Synergy‚Äì public cloud agility with on-premises control_Blog_IMAGE[1].png

With HPE GreenLake services, your cash flow is mapped directly to your IT use. There’s no capital outlay, and usage is centrally managed and metered. It’s IT as a service—simplified.

HPE Synergy, powered by Intel® Xeon® processor, is a unique software‐defined, composable infrastructure you can quickly provision and reconfigure to run almost any modern or traditional application or service. This includes containerized and DevOps environments, as well as traditional and cloud-native applications. HPE Synergy is a powerful enabler of private and hybrid cloud on premises.

By giving you the ability to reconfigure quickly, HPE Synergy helps you adapt IT to new business needs. And because it consolidates workloads in a single platform, HPE Synergy frees up resources, eliminates silos, simplifies management with HPE OneView, and optimizes your data center footprint for space, power, and cooling.

Together, HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy give you four advantages every business wants:

  1. Efficiency—Free IT staff from routine tasks with automation. Consolidate IT in one flexible and simple platform.
  2. Speed—Deploy new projects and re-purpose infrastructure faster. Rapidly access IT capacity.
  3. Economics—Align costs to business outcomes with pay-per-use consumption. No overprovisioning.
  4. Control—Get a cloud-like experience with on-premises IT. Enhance control with a software console.

Watch this video to see why HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy are better together. 

Theory in motion

For Porsche Informatik, HPE GreenLake cloud services with HPE Synergy proved the race-winning solution.

The company provides IT services for 30,000 employees, across many car brands, in 29 countries. It runs a huge range of workloads. The goal was simplicity—the kind that makes you agile.

HPE Synergy enabled Porsche Informatik to create a single, software-defined data center that can be expanded at will to fit almost any business workload and cross any border.

HPE GreenLake services delivers that data center as a service to meet changing needs fast—without overprovisioning and with reduced capital outlay. With this evolution of IT, the company has centralized control of its vast cross-border IT and is ready to begin exciting new digitization projects.

To learn more, contact your local HPE sales representative.

Jerome Bathias-HPE.jpgMeet HPE blogger Jérôme Bathias, HPE Infrastructure Group, Northern Western Europe. With over 20 years in various industries, Jerome is in charge of designing and implementing business programs for driving growth of workload-based solutions to enable the next gen of IT. This is all about bringing cloud experience to customers by offering cost-effective and flexible solutions that address a very fast-moving market.

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2 The Business Value of HPE GreenLake Management Services

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