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The new year is off to a roaring start and HPE InfoSight is just getting warmed up. In November 2018, we announced the expansion of the HPE InfoSight portfolio to include HPE servers. Now, during this first week of 2019, we are excited to let you know that HPE InfoSight for servers has been released.

HPE InfoSight for servers_AI_blog.jpgBringing InfoSight to our server platforms is a critical part of the InfoSight landscape and the foundation of many IT solutions. HPE has built an ecosystem to utilize real-world analytics that free you from the burden of managing your infrastructure. By giving you insights, optimizations, and curated recommendations, HPE InfoSight can help you solve your most complex infrastructure problems. Learn more on how to get started on your AI journey using HPE InfoSight for servers by reading the Getting Started Guide.

Next move: Let the HPE InfoSight for servers journey begin

HPE InfoSight on our servers platforms will be a multi-step journey. This first release includes a foundational set of capabilities that will be augmented over time with:

  • Predictive data analytics for parts failure
  • Data analytics for server security
  • Global operational dashboard with a consolidated view of the status, performance, and health of your server infrastructure, including system information, server warranty, and support status
  • Global wellness dashboard with a consolidated view of the health of the server infrastructure, including recommendations
  • Recommendations to eliminate performance bottlenecks on servers

Today, InfoSight leverages the vast amounts of data collected by HPE servers through iLO, AHS (Active Health System), and Silicon Root of Trust. This allows us to feed the server health, performance, and configuration data of each server into InfoSight and solve richer, deeper problems for our customers. We are learning with our customers and continue to get more intelligent Bob Perugini presents InfoSight for servers demo at Discover Madrid 2018.Bob Perugini presents InfoSight for servers demo at Discover Madrid we build and learn from our global data corpus. In turn, our customers will learn more about their environment than they could have ever imagined—and be able to find that needle in the data haystack.

InfoSight currently supports the following HPE server products: HPE ProLiant servers, HPE BladeSystem servers, HPE Synergy compute modules and HPE Apollo systems (Gen10, Gen9, and Gen8 with iLO 5 and iLO 4).

To understand more on how you can gain competitive advantage by deploying AI-driven operations through HPE InfoSight on both storage and servers, watch Bill Philbin, Hybrid IT CTO, at HPE Discover Madrid 2018.

We've set bold goals for HPE InfoSight for 2019—and we are just getting started. InfoSight is recognized as a pioneer and industry leader and we are not slowing down. We’ve taken a comprehensive approach and can give you the visibility needed to manage your hybrid cloud. In the future, we are extending our vision to heal and optimize the environment automatically, adding application stacks and improving your overall experience. 

Don’t get left behind! We can help you apply the power of AI to remove the burden of managing your complex hybrid cloud environments.

So, once again, how do you get started with HPE InfoSight for servers?HPE InfoSight getting started.jpgTo start using HPE InfoSight for servers, you’ll need to download iLO Amplifier Pack and run iLO Amplifier Pack in your datacenter. For complete details on the steps to take to begin using InfoSight for servers, see the Getting Started Guide.

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