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HPE InfoSight for Servers: The next step in the journey to AI-driven operations

The latest HPE InfoSight for Servers enhancements further extend HPE leadership with industry-leading AI-driven insights that simplify and automate infrastructure operations to maximize server uptime.HPE InfoSight for Servers-AI-blog.jpg

Modern businesses demand that IT provide competitive advantage—on time and on budget—delivering vital workloads without interruption while still providing resources for strategic initiatives. To meet these demands, IT must turn to automation and AI, providing needed insight with around-the-clock monitoring and management. This ensures that IT operations are always on and continually optimized, and that resources, especially people, are free for more strategic activities to grow the business.

In just one year, we have received tremendous feedback and adoption with more than 2,650 customers benefiting from the operational insights of over 2,800 data centers connected to HPE InfoSight for Servers. This is an amazing milestone for HPE InfoSight but the journey is just getting started!

What’s the next step in the journey to AI-driven server infrastructure?

HPE is applying advanced machine learning to transform how server infrastructure is monitored, managed, supported, and secured. Seeing beyond human and conventional tool capabilities, HPE InfoSight for Servers continually analyzes server infrastructure and applies the real-world operational experience of hundreds of thousands of servers to predict and prevent problems before business operations can be disrupted.

Drawing on the intelligence built into HPE iLO 4- and 5-equipped servers, HPE InfoSight for Servers is simplifying infrastructure operations and maximizing server uptime through several new enhanced automation features:

  • Wellness email notifications—Identify potential issues with your server infrastructure as soon as they occur via email alert notifications without having to go into the HPE InfoSight portal.
  • Expedited support case creation—Easily create cases directly from HPE InfoSight for servers through integrated case creation that automatically populates information about the issue.
  • Automatic support access to log files—Accelerate case resolution by no longer having to add Active Health System (AHS) files to a support case. Support now has the ability to access the AHS files when a case is opened.
  • Service pack monitoring—Keep your server infrastructure in an optimal state by easily identifying at scale which servers have deviated from the software versions specified in the service pack.
  • Firmware and driver update notifications—Stay up-to-date on the latest firmware and driver updates to your current infrastructure configuration through proactive notifications, keeping infrastructure optimized and secure.
  • Server refresh planning—Budget appropriately for future server replacements with reports that easily identify the age of each server.

These new features proactively inform customers of potential issues before they disrupt operations through the integrated wellness dashboard and, now, new email notification capability. If operational issues do occur, customers can now create a support case, directly from HPE InfoSight for Servers, to have for example a required part quickly dispatched for replacement. For personalized, expedited issues resolution, a customer creating a case no longer has to provide AHS log files to a support organization.

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Security is built in

Built on the world’s most secure industry-standard servers, HPE InfoSight for Servers expands on the unmatched security delivered by the HPE-exclusive Silicon Root of Trust, providing enhanced detection and alerts to security threats from brute-force dictionary attacks and to vulnerabilities associated with IPMI enablement—and now informing customers if they have the appropriate patches for more sophisticated transient execution attacks like Spectre and Meltdown. Similar to the latter example, customers are now proactively notified of potential security vulnerabilities via the new email notification capability that continuously monitors the current server configuration against the service pack standard, providing firmware and driver notifications to keep security tight and up-to-date.

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Stay connected

To learn more on that latest announcements, visit our HPE InfoSight web page. And please follow along for the latest insights on how HPE continues to pave the road for autonomous infrastructure. Discussions will continue here on Servers: The Right Compute and Around the Storage Block.

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