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Re: HPE InfoSight for Servers expands across the portfolio with new enhancements for infrastructure

HPE InfoSight for Servers expands further across the HPE portfolio to now include HPE Edgeline and HPE Moonshot. The latest enhancements provide insights that simplify and automate infrastructure operations to maximize server uptime.

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HPE InfoSight for Servers continually analyzes server infrastructure and applies the real-world example of hundreds of thousands of servers to predict and prevent problems before they can adversely affect business operations.

The response to HPE InfoSight for Servers has been phenomenal—with 25% growth per quarter since its introduction. By combining the cloud-based machine learning of HPE InfoSight with the health and performance monitoring of Active Health System (AHS) and HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), businesses have transformed how their server infrastructure is monitored, managed, supported, and secured.

HPE is now proud to announce the next step in our journey to an autonomous infrastructure with additional enhancements that will further aid in simplifying infrastructure operations and maximizing server up-time. Additionally, HPE InfoSight for Servers has further expanded across the HPE portfolio to include select iLO 5-based HPE Edgeline and HPE Moonshot systems.

How HPE InfoSight is expanding across the HPE portfolio

The initial release that brought HPE InfoSight to the HPE server portfolio included HPE ProLiant servers, HPE BladeSystem servers, HPE Synergy compute modules, and HPE Apollo systems (Gen10, Gen9 and Gen8 with iLO 5 and iLO 4). Today, we HPE InfoSight Servers-HPE portfolio.pngare happy to welcome select HPE Edgeline and HPE Moonshot systems to the list of HPE InfoSight supported platforms.*

Starting with iLO Amplifier Pack v1.60, Edgeline and Moonshot customers now have the capability to leverage HPE InfoSightfor Servers to monitor and manage their infrastructure. Supported systems now include:

  • ProLiant m750 server blade installed in HPE Moonshot 1500 2.0 system and configured for direct access to iLO 5 on the blades
  • ProLiant e910 server blade installed in an HPE Edgeline EL8000 system

What’s new with HPE InfoSight for Servers?

HPE InfoSight for Servers is continually transforming server infrastructure by delivering new enhancements—simplifying operations and eliminating the guesswork out of managing your server infrastructure with the following new features:

  • Automatic case creation that eliminates the overhead of manually creating cases and enables accelerated case resolution
  • Customer advisories: that provide visibility into relevant customer advisories that are applicable to a server configuration

These new features enable HPE InfoSight for Servers to proactively identify, inform, and address issues like a hardware failure. For example, if a customer is experiencing a fan failure, HPE InfoSight for Servers will notify the customer and automatically create a support case when the issue is identified. 

Once a support case has been created, the support ID can be used to track the issue through resolution while logs are automatically made available to HPE support for troubleshooting, resulting in faster resolution time. Automatic case creation requires a one-time enablement by the administrator through the Configure Auto Case on the Wellness Dashboard.

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To eliminate the risk of missing any critical advisories that require your immediate action, machine learning techniques have been leveraged to generate a curated set of relevant customer advisories for each server based on current server configurations. Bringing these critical advisories to the forefront eliminates the overhead of periodically monitoring and assessing which ones are applicable to the environment.

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Learn more on that latest announcements around HPE InfoSight and follow along for the latest insights on how HPE continues to pave the road for autonomous infrastructure.

*This release does not support Moonshot/Edgeline iLO4 based blades, iSM based systems or the Moonshot/Edgeline Chassis Manager.

Ruben Ramirez
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Ruben Ramirez is a WW Product Marketing Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. As an experienced product marketing professional serving enterprise technology companies, Ruben excels at bringing new technologies to market, and helping to create compelling value propositions for customer business needs. Currently Ruben is responsible for bringing to market HPE composable infrastructure, and the world’s most secure industry standard server technologies.


Hi Ruben,

I believe we can use OpenView 5.30 to achieve this functionality without the need to install ILO Apm Pack?




Thanks, Ruben and it sums up will assisting our customer to adapt and easy up the hassles face day-in & day-out.

Hi Sanjay.

HPE OneView 5.3 Tech Preview enables customers to receive notifications of specific and relevant Customer Advisories applicable to their configuration. HPE OneView Analytics enables the transfer and analysis of OneView managed hardware and software (server profile, logical enclosure, logical interconnect, etc.) configuration and associated metadata, including HPE Synergy Virtual Connect, D3940 SAS drive enclosures and connected SAS fabric modules, and HPE OneView software version. That collected data is used to identify applicable advisories based on that information. This is independent of InfoSight for Servers today. Our HPE OneView and HPE Synergy customers have become accustomed to viewing their inventory collection and the state/status using the on-premises appliance.

Best, Ruben


Diana Schmidt

Hello. Does HPE InfoSight for Servers replace the functionality currently provided by HPE Insight Online and Remote Support?


Thanks for your question, Diana. 

Not currently. They are complementary solutions today. But very soon (early Q1 CY2021) we will achieve equivalence with the events being detected today by IRS (Insight remote support). At that point InfoSight for Servers will be able to replace IRS for servers that are supported on InfoSight.