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HPE OneView Global Dashboard 1.4 is now available!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently announced the latest version of HPE OneView Global Dashboard, version 1.4. The HPE OneView Global Dashboard provides a unified view of the health of Hewlett Packard Enterprise devices across multiple data centers, taking your infrastructure management to the next level.

By enabling IT personnel to view core inventory data and troubleshoot alerts across thousands of systems, the HPE OneView Global Dashboard gives customers better infrastructure visibility, which allows for more informed and faster decision-making. In addition, with single sign-on from Global Dashboard to different HPE OneView appliances, users are one click away from powerful, device-level lifecycle management. 

HPE OneView Global Dashboard provides a unified view (single pane of glass) of HPE BladeSystem c-Class, HPE ProLiant DL, HPE Hyper Converged 380, HPE Synergy, HPE SimpliVity, HPE Apollo, HPE ML350 Gen9/Gen10 and HPE Superdome X systems. HPE OneView Global Dashboard supports up to 25 HPE OneView instances, 25 HPE SimpliVity systems and 150 HPE Hyper Converged 380 systems.

HPE OneView Global Dashboard 1.4 enhancements include:

- Support for HPE SimpliVity systems
- Enable Certificate Management
- Easily manage device certificates
- Utilize certificate revocation lists
- Improve communication security by only using CNSA approved ciphers and protocols
- New detailed firmware report for server hardware
- Added support for vSphere ESXi 6.5U
- Other UI enhancements include:
      -- Kiosk Role
      -- Optional login banner text

Take advantage of this update today by downloading the new version here. If you are using HPE OneView and haven’t yet tried the HPE OneView Global Dashboard, learn more here! HPE OneView Global Dashboard Right to Use is included in the HPE OneView Advanced, HPE Synergy, HPE Hyperconverged 380, and HPE SimpliVity licenses.


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