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HPE OneView celebrates 1 million licenses at Discover Las Vegas

Selling 1 million licenses is not a milestone that comes along very often, but this summer, HPE OneView achieved just that! HPE OneView is the infrastructure management solution designed to help customers transform their data centers into software-defined infrastructure, increasing the speed applications and services can be delivered to the business.

At HPE Discover in Las Vegas, HPE and HPE customers alike were excited to come together to celebrate this achievement. Over 150 attendees raised a glass with host Paul Miller, Vice President Portfolio Marketing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, to toast the occasion. Attendees also enjoyed reminiscing on past HPE OneView experiences and moments, and several guests spoke about HPE OneView and the importance customers have played in its success. Take a look at the celebration in the pictures below or watch this Periscope.


Collaboration with customers
HPE OneView is a very collaborative application that continues to forge great relationships with its customer base. Over the years, many of the best features in HPE OneView have been suggestions or requests from customers! For example, the design of HPE OneView Global Dashboard, which provides users a single pane of glass view, is thanks to our customers’ suggestions and requests. Rolling cluster updates, just released in HPE OneView 4.1, is another great customer proposal. Scope-based access control, released in the 4.0 update, brings better security and was also requested by customers. And many of our partner integrations, like Chef, Docker, Puppet, Ansible, and ServiceNow, were driven by the needs of customers.  

Customer experience and satisfaction was the conceptual design goal when HPE first outlined HPE OneView, and it remains so today.



Driving customer success
One HPE OneView customer, Symmetry, is a next-generation application management and cloud-hosting company based in Wisconsin, with over 20 years of experience with the SAP ERP application suite. As their services expand, they continue to face growing demand from customers, with the expectation for their services to be up and running at all times. Symmetry is using HPE OneView on HPE Synergy (the world’s first composable infrastructure) to keep their infrastructure running at the pace they need. And, with the help of the HPE OneView Global Dashboard, they are able to keep track of all of their infrastructure in four data centers located across the United States. To learn more, read or watch the video about how Symmetry is using HPE OneView and other HPE solutions to offer the best in cloud-hosting services to their customers.


What’s new
The latest version of HPE OneView 4.1 is now available for download online. The new release includes several enhancements such as cluster profiles and rolling cluster updates for VMware vSphere clusters, and new and updated integrations with Microsoft and VMware. The Global Dashboard also has an update with version 1.5. Learn more about HPE OneView 4.1 in the announcement or download HPE OneView today and be a part of the excitement, and bring your suggestions to the HPE OneView design table!


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