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HPE OneView receives rave reviews from customers on Gartner Peer Insights


bigstock-Five-Stars-Rating-Flat-Style-V-232445407.jpgHPE OneView, the infrastructure management solution designed to help customers transform their data centers into software-defined infrastructure, has been helping customers simplify and streamline their data centers since 2014. At HPE Discover, HPE OneView celebrated one million licenses sold with a party at which customers shared some of their successes with HPE OneView.

At the event, customers also had the opportunity to leave an honest review of the infrastructure management tool through Gartner Peer Insights, a website that collects trustworthy customer reviews of enterprise IT vendors.  Below is a snapshot of what HPE OneView Gartner Peer Insights reviewers had to say about the infrastructure management solution.

The value of this product line is great! Faster deployments, easier management, more time for admins to learn other skills. -- Infrastructure Architect, Healthcare

HPE OneView is a one stop shop for hardware health. HPE OneView has helped us monitor our critical hardware health in an easy to use dashboard. We have been able to reduce the amount of time it takes to identify, troubleshoot and resolve system health issues. – Senior Server Engineer, Finance

HPE OneView is designed with the customer in mind… the options for integration are perfect for our business needs. -- Systems Engineer, Healthcare

Long term user and partner with HPE. Been using HPE OneView for about 12 months, it has become an integral part of our day-to-day toolset…it is now an irreplaceable part of our infrastructure. -- Global Manager Servers and Storage, Media

HPE OneView is a big part of how HPE is helping customers worldwide tame their IT monster, by automating the deployment of infrastructure, simplifying lifecycle operations, and increasing productivity.  HPE OneView allows businesses to spend less time maintaining infrastructure which frees up more time to work on innovative projects.

To learn more about HPE OneView, download the free e-book, HPE OneView for Dummies. To read more Gartner Peer Insights reviews of HPE OneView, check out their site.


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