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HPE Synergy customers rate the popular composable technology

TechValidate provides unfiltered, unedited responses from HPE Synergy customers.


As I listen to customers, I often think they tell the HPE Synergy story better than I do. That’s because these are people who have lived through the pain of solutions not working well – too costly, too complex, or just plain not effective. And when they use a product that works, they are passionate about sharing their success with others.

That’s why I love to write about HPE customer successes. And one way to do that is to point readers to what HPE Synergy customers have reported online via TechValidate, a survey-based software solution that helps businesses accurately capture customer feedback.

You can read all the HPE Synergy testimonials, mini case studies, and charts here. I’ve also included a few highlights below.

What type of customer challenges is HPE Synergy solving?

Customers worldwide are using HPE Synergy composable infrastructure to create a more agile, cost-effective data center. Using HPE Synergy, customers can simplify and transform their operations to a cloud experience over a single infrastructure -- supporting mixed workload environments.

The image below summarizes customer challenges HPE Synergy is solving (1):Challenges HPE Synergy Solves.PNG

HPE Synergy: One infrastructure for any workload  

Customers love that HPE Synergy provides one infrastructure for any workload (2), eliminating costly silos of disparate systems. HPE Synergy solves the fundamental requirement for digital transformation--to manage an infrastructure that supports current and next-gen apps, each with vastly diverse infrastructure requirements and service-level objectives.


 Automate everyday operations

Not only do customers report they can eliminate costly silos and free up resources, HPE Synergy also lets them simplify IT operations, thereby increasing productivity (3). Using software-defined infrastructure for physical, virtual, and containerized workloads, HPE Synergy provides a simple way to deploy and manage fluid resource pools of compute, storage, and fabric.


Deploy at cloud-like speed and scale

Customers using HPE Synergy can accelerate application and service delivery through a single interface that precisely composes infrastructure at near-instant speeds. Engineered with software-defined intelligence at its core and powered by HPE OneView, HPE Synergy is helping IT admins stand up services faster (4).


 Develop apps faster and smarter

HPE Synergy customers are also able to accelerate their business with a developer-friendly infrastructure. The unified API in HPE Synergy lets them automate infrastructure operations with an extensive ecosystem of partners, enabling faster and smarter deployment of apps and services (5).


You can find more HPE Synergy testimonials, mini case studies, and charts online via TechValidate. And to learn more about HPE Synergy composable infrastructure, visit the HPE Synergy webpage.

Deepak Belani

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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