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Harnessing Remote Resources to Drive Workplace Productivity


In today’s technological workforce, businesses are using remote resources to increase productivity. In fact, since 2005 the number of employees working from home has grown by 115%. According to Forbes, remote workers are happier, feel more valued, and are more productive than workers in other environments. Because of their size, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are able to adapt more quickly to changing trends, emerging technologies, and progressive ideas than larger businesses, allowing them to more fully embrace remote workers.

Though remote resources can help SMBs drive workplace productivity, there are some challenges they must overcome. Remote access to company data can be a major concern, especially since many popular tools were designed first for ease of use rather than control. The best way companies can mitigate this risk is by storing their data in one place while allowing access from a variety of devices and locations. To do this, businesses must embrace new flash storage technology that can help them accelerate data access while keeping their remote employees connected. HPE’s right-sized storage solutions, designed for the IT generalist, help SMBs access data stores from any location quickly and securely. With streamlined access to data from a variety of locations, businesses can ensure their employees are productive.

HPE MSA 2050 Hero.jpgHewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE’s) MSA 2052 is designed for affordable application acceleration, and is ideal for small and remote office deployments. SMBs with remote resources who utilize the MSA 2052 stand to gain the following:

  • Advanced data services with no experience required. The MSA 2052 is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain—no storage expertise necessary. With automated tiering that dynamically responds to workload changes, businesses can let the MSA 2052 work for them.
  • Keep the business running with expanded data protection features. New virtualized snapshot technology makes data protection and instant recovery a snap, a necessity to ensure data resiliency.
  • Grow flexibly now and into the future. Data-in-place upgrades protect drive investments and eliminate data migrations, allowing businesses to start small and scale as needed with any combination of SSD, Enterprise or Midline SAS drives.

The MSA 2052 gives SMBs with remote resources the ability to streamline data access and protect the data remote workers are accessing.

Nimble Storage.jpegFor SMBs looking to the cloud, Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are the industry’s only predictive all flash array designed to deliver radical simplicity and flash performance within a scalable, cloud-ready platform. Flash efficiency gives businesses up to 5 times better data reduction with the flexibility to create a multicloud environment. Nimble All Flash Arrays are simple to deploy, configure, and manage, and offer non-disruptive scaling for growing businesses. They can scale-up seamlessly to grow the performance and capacity of an array or scale across multiple arrays non-disruptively in a cluster still managed as one. Backup and disaster recovery are simple and inexpensive with Nimble’s built-in native replication that's easy to configure and deploy, allowing businesses to replicate from All Flash to Adaptive Flash or Secondary Flash arrays. And with application-consistent snapshots and replication as well as integration with leading backup software solutions, businesses gain an ideal foundation for comprehensive data protection.

Nimble Storage also comes loaded with InfoSight Predictive Analytics, which automatically predicts and resolves 86% of problems before businesses even know there is an issue. By collecting and correlating sensors across the infrastructure stack, InfoSight uncovers problems spanning from storage to virtual machines. In fact, 54% of the problems InfoSight resolves are outside of storage. Because InfoSight learns to predict and inoculate other systems, every system gets smarter and more reliable through collective installed base insights, allowing businesses to prevent known issues. Automation and proactive resolution put the focus on prevention, streamlining the process, and connecting businesses directly to support expertise, giving the remote business owner peace of mind.

To learn more about how the HPE MSA 2052 and Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays can help your SMB harness remote resources to drive workplace productivity, follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.  

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