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Healthcare providers need trustworthy IT to maintain patient trust

Learn why IT is so important to providing a basis of trust for modern healthcare providers and patients. 


The healthcare experience has changed a lot recently, with IT bringing new efficiencies to tasks such as record-keeping and appointment management.

Prescription renewals, appointments, payments and insurance claims can be handled from a laptop or a phone app, the old clipboard filled with pre-visit information forms can be replaced with fill-and-sign PDFs, and the welcome return of an old standard—the doctor house call, albeit in a virtual environment—has eliminated the waiting room for many patient visits.

What has not changed is the value of trust in the provider-patient relationship.

Downtime undermines trust

When so much of this new experience is riding on IT—servers, networking, storage, and services—healthcare providers need to be able to trust their IT not to let them down.

When Astrup Drug, a group of independent pharmacies focused on long-term care and serving the community of Austin, Minnesota, needed quickly to adapt its independent pharmacies to a software-based telepharmacy model, they turned to HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers and HPE Nimble SAN to make the change without risking mission-critical customer care. Shon Olson, who is responsible for maintaining the company’s infrastructure as the network administrator, makes every technology decision with customers in mind.

“Any amount of downtime for us can mean our customers may not be able to get the medications they need. In extreme cases that can be a life-or-death issue for a customer,” said Olson. “As a whole, COVID-19 really changed how we approached remote working. What originally was thought of as ‘can never be done’ was proven to be possible in a certain capacity. Changing our business model in this fashion will undoubtedly change how we work moving forward long term.”

They’re not the only ones

Every industry has unique digital workflows to consider when it comes to the IT needed to support their business. Challenged to provide digital patient care, protect patient data, and at the same time reduce costs, healthcare providers and payers need modern infrastructure solutions. HPE recently asked our customers why they love HPE ProLiant servers not merely to build upon a secure and efficient digital foundation, but to exceed customer expectations. Our customers cited reliability, support, value, loyalty, and manageability as top reasons HPE ProLiant servers have earned their trust, and we feel you can trust HPE ProLiant with your healthcare IT needs, too.

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