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Healthcare security in the COVID-19 world

As the world faces a new health crises, the Zero Trust model must be adopted. Healthcare security is crucial, and defense in depth needs to be implemented to safeguard healthcare data.

Healthcare Security in COVID world_ Blog_shutterstock_592727738 (1).jpgAs the world finds itself faced with a new health crisis, criminal cyber gangs have begun to exploit the confusion and uncertainty. This is the new normal. Companies and individuals are focused on the urgency of the current situation, which creates an opportunity for phishing attacks or scams to be successful weapons. Having a healthcare-related crisis brings an increased threat to those very organizations trying to protect us from the viral outbreak. Brian Krebs even reported that an interactive dashboard produced by Johns Hopkins to track the spread of the disease had been hijacked to spread a password stealing malware. (Johns Hopkins is aware of the hijacked link and is working to correct and secure it.) These criminals will use every means to infiltrate your network.

Healthcare security is crucial and defense in depth should be implemented to protect healthcare data. The criminal actor only needs to find one employee who is sufficiently distracted to get a successful phishing attack. Security technology can be used to assist healthcare defenders in thwarting attacks and allowing their teams to focus on their roles supporting the community with the peace of mind that patient data will not be exposed, and the hospital network will not be disrupted. The Zero Trust model must be adopted by every healthcare provider.

HPE customers in Healthcare are protected

HPE has an industry recognized Zero Trust product in the Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall. When this Firewall is tied to Aruba Clearpass and Aruba Central, HPE provides a tightly integrated security offering that protects against phishing attacks. We need to be aware of these criminal activities and know that they will probably continue for the foreseeable future as Forbes reports.

With regards to security, technology provides three main functions: protection, detection, and recovery.

  • HPE’s protection is based on the Gen 10 Silicon Root of Trust, which is recognized by the Cyber Catalyst designation from world leading cyber security insurance broker Marsh. HPE provides the only industry-standard servers with a silicon root of trust capability built into the hardware, which prevents compromised firmware code from executing. The HPE Silicon Root of Trust is offered on HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Apollo systems, HPE Synergy Compute Modules, and HPE SimpliVity. Additional protection can be provided through data loss prevention mechanisms, whether that data is on-prem or in the cloud. HPE products like HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage provide these services with guaranteed reliability.
  • Detection is provided through products like Aruba Clearpass and HPE InfoSight, which provide critical analytics that help find possible attack vectors and close them before they can be exploited.
  • Recovery is ensuring that your backups are secure and usable should the network be successfully attacked. HPE’s SimpliVity has shown itself to provide resilience through multiple attacks and still provide a rapid recovery after an attack. HPE security consultants at HPE Pointnext Services can help you a variety of security assessment, recommendation, and remediation services. 

If you are a healthcare provider, now is the time to remain diligent and find security partners to take care of these malicious activities so you can continue to focus on providing for the common good. HPE desires to be your security partner and we would love to have a conversation with you on how to improve your security and enable a smoother technology experience for you.  

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