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How HPE is helping reimagine your compute management experience

Introducing Compute Cloud Console—a new cloud-based service within HPE GreenLake that accelerates digital transformation by providing unified compute operations from edge to cloud.

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Nearly every company I talk to these days is looking to edge out the competition by delivering new customer experiences through “digital transformation.” The desire for innovation and transformation is redefining the way organizations need to manage and utilize their IT infrastructure—and that’s changing everything for compute. Organizations are looking at various ways to use digital transformation to give customers the experiences they want and boost their bottom line. Many trends are key to accelerating this transformation. 

Digital transformation trends are redefining customer experiences

Computing used to be done in boxes on desks, or in big rooms filled with servers and wires, but that’s all changing. Now we have edge computing, which means devices at the endpoints of networks doing the computing right there instead of in a remote server. Edge computing is literally everywhere, and that’s the whole point. Now the biggest challenge is managing the growth of computing at the edge.

The cloud is continuing to shape our expectations for how fast we need to change and what our computing experiences should be like. Plus, artificial intelligence (AI), is driving all sorts of new insights and automation opportunities. It’s a huge source of innovation that enterprises are using to transform apps, mine data to get new insights, and revolutionize service delivery.

Despite all this innovation, many IT teams are facing the reality that, while the role of computing in business has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, the way it’s managed has barely changed at all. Organizations still need IT resources to manage their IT environments. They need management servers for these tools, and every tool needs to be updated regularly to get the latest fixes and features.

Managing servers outside of a core data center is another challenge. Disparate tools, manual processes, and organizational silos result in a piecemeal compute lifecycle, from deployment and provisioning to firmware management and upgrades. This creates inefficiencies, wastes resources, and leaves organizations exposed to business and compliance risks. While many AI tools have emerged to provide greater resources for solving IT problems, they usually provide analysis, with no real insight or problem solving.

Announcing the new HPE compute management experience as-a-service

To accelerate digital transformation, it’s time to modernize the compute management experience. HPE is on a mission to do just that by creating a secure, as-a-service management experience for your on-premises computing.

Today, we’re introducing our new Compute Cloud Console, a cloud-based service within HPE GreenLake, that provides unified compute operations from edge to cloud. The Compute Cloud Console delivers secure cloud operations throughout your compute lifecycle and accelerates innovation for apps and insights with automation.

New Compute Cloud Console unifies and modernizes your compute management experience

HPE Compute Cloud Console lets users access any device from anywhere—from remote sites to edge systems to data centers—and manage them all in the same way. The Compute Cloud Console will transform and simplify provisioning and management of your computing infrastructure by eliminating manual labor and enabling consistent provisioning of servers, which are automatically discovered, onboarded, and configured. It’s designed to deliver workload optimization guidance for greater efficiency and less downtime. It’s also a highly secure as-a-service management experience, providing multi-level security for access, authentication, authorization, and communications.

Compute Cloud Console’s AI-driven insights enable predictive analytics and automated firmware and software updates. It can be extended through simplified integration with a broad range of software partner tools.

HPE GreenLake’s trusted and proven technology—with a truly global scale—ensures that the same customer experience is delivered across HPE. The technology platform that powers GreenLake services already supports more than 90,000 customers and manages over 10 million devices. 

Become part of the transformation

One of the most exciting elements of Compute Cloud Console is how it will act as an innovation platform. We’re starting with some simple use cases, but the sky’s the limit as to how it will grow in the future.

We invite you to become part of the transformation. What’s next for you? If you’re intrigued with what Compute Cloud Console looks like, watch the demo. And if you’re looking forward to trying it out, register for our exclusive invitation-only program and be among the first to glimpse the future of computing. 

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Frances Guida leads product management for HPE OneView Automation and Ecosystem. Her team drives the direction for solutions that use the unified Composable API, a single, open API native in HPE OneView, to automate the provisioning, configuration, and monitoring of HPE infrastructure. By integrating with this unified API, ISVs can provide solutions that let customers reduce the time spent on managing their environments and accelerate time to value.