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How to find just right IT solutions for small businesses

Drive productivity, work efficiently, plan for growth—learn how small business IT can help you do all Just right IT solutions for small biz-blog.jpgthat and more. Discover how HPE offers just right IT solutions for your small business.

IT solutions for small businesses primarily exist to help drive the following priorities:

  • Increase productivity
  • Make workflows more efficient
  • Increase availability
  • Create awesome customer experiences

However, small organizations often reach a point in their growth when the basic IT solutions they adopted in their earliest days no longer accomplish these goals.

The reality is, every small business reaches a point with IT that extends beyond their bench depth, where no one on the team has the skills to take the next step. The first move may be to look at cloud productivity applications that enable easier file and data sharing, but these tend to only be short-term fixes for a much larger challenge.

Ultimately, small businesses must get more organized and structured about how and where they store and keep data. This is where HPE intersects with small businesses—right when it comes time to set up your first IT infrastructure solutions.

Taking the next step with IT solutions for small businesses

IT solutions for small businesses that offer strong network and storage capabilities can help you achieve your business priorities. Server networks and data stores allow your teams to stay productive and work efficiently by simplifying file and data sharing. Meanwhile, keeping critical business information highly available means your employees and customers will never be stuck waiting for access or answers.

Finding the right solutions can feel overwhelming to business leaders. Even when they realize they must evolve their IT infrastructure, they still face obstacles to moving forward. Uncertainty about choosing the right solution, affordability concerns, and lack of confidence that an IT solution can scale to match future growth all present real challenges to small business leaders.

That's why HPE helps organizations source solutions and equipment with IT configurations designed and validated specifically for small businesses, including how-to guides and best practices. We arm our partners and small businesses with the tools they need to be successful in setting up IT infrastructure.

Addressing affordability and scalability

Affordability is the number one issue for any small business. What’s more, business leaders are prone to worrying about large upfront investments. That's when having a trusted advisor becomes paramount. HPE Financial Services can act as that advisor, helping you bridge the gap between your technology goals and your financial reality. They do that by offering multiple finance models that keep businesses agile while keeping costs stable and within reach of most small businesses.

Scalability is another concern that often gives business leaders pause. Today's small business is tomorrow's enterprise. For that reason, small business leaders want assurance that an IT solution can keep pace with their business no matter how fast it grows. The solutions HPE offers plan for growth, allowing small businesses to seamlessly scale up to meet increasing employee, customer, and data storage demands. Modular solutions allow businesses to add on as needed, ensuring that networking and storage equipment will meet both today's and tomorrow's demands.

Deciding how to prioritize and where to start

Productivity, workflow, customer experience—these are the priorities that propel small business growth. But where do you start when searching for the just right IT solutions to support your small business needs?

A good first step is to find a reseller partner, an expert who can answer your tough questions and help you sort through options. This assistance should include a discussion of the specific server capabilities your small business needs, including security, scalability, and simplicity of setup and management. Servers are critical network components, and security should be built into any server you choose. Servers also need to be scalable to match the growth needs of your company. And, as a small business with few IT resources, they should be easy to install, manage, and maintain.

Ensuring your network and storage solutions can accommodate hybrid cloud should also be a priority. Businesses of all sizes accept the reality that IT infrastructure will continue to be a hybrid mix of on-premises and cloud applications and deployments. Any IT solution you choose must embrace your business's current hybrid cloud mix and offer the flexibility for that mix to fluctuate and grow over time.

Final words of advice

At some point, every small business will need help evolving its IT solutions. Start where you are, but find that trusted partner who can take you where you need to go next. The growth and future of your business depend on it.

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