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In response to COVID-19: HPE provides free security features and remote access through 2020

With increased remote access and premium security features becoming a need due to COVID-19, HPE is aiding HPE Server customers and partners by offering HPE iLO Advanced for FREE through December 2020.

COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the world in ways we have never seen. New concepts, like social distancing and self-HPE-security-servers-COVID19-blog.jpgisolation, have entered the public consciousness—and it is impacting how business is now conducted. Previously, many businesses may not have had a need for their employees to work remotely for extended periods—and don’t have the IT infrastructure in place to support it. Yet today, many businesses are having to do exactly that, which can open opportunities for cybercriminals to strike.

Consider how you’ll implement IT security for your expanding remote workforce.

Millions of employees working from home need secure remote access, not only to their company network but to their data centers as well. In addition, employees who manage company IT systems still need remote access to update, monitor, and manage individual servers and company data centers.

For businesses not set up for extended remote operation, this work may already be a challenge, but the problem may now be compounded if cyberattackers take advantage of over-stretched systems. Adding to the challenge are the employees themselves if a person unwittingly clicks on an email that promises COVID-19 protection that may be a hidden cyberattack. In fact, cyberattackers are creating panic in populated sites by distributing false information about impending government and public service shutdowns (1) as nation states have recently deployed bots attempting to paralyze and/or slow the U.S. Health and Human Services (1) servers. Clearly, cyberthreats have increased exponentially in this new era.

We realize this may be a lot to consider but if you have an HPE ProLiant server1, you can rest a bit easier.

HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) Advanced (2) license, normally offered at a cost, is now offered for FREE (3) to all customers and partners through December 31, 2020.

As the name suggests, “lights-out” highlights HPE’s capability of managing data centers remotely—without lights or staffing. Now more than ever, HPE iLO Advanced can be an essential tool for IT administrators who still need to manage corporate data centers remotely. This server management software enables you to configure, monitor, and update HPE servers seamlessly—from anywhere—empowering administrators to manage environments in a safe, reliable manner with remote server access and premium security features.

HPE’s Silicon Root of Trust is also embedded in all HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, working with HPE iLO Advanced to further enable unique security protection capabilities by automatically detecting compromises in the firmware and recovering servers to its last known “good” state. So, if a hacker tries to create a “denial of service” by bricking a server with corrupt firmware, an HPE ProLiant Gen10 server automatically recovers itself.

Here is another example of how we are helping healthcare providers:  When HIPAA certifications at medical facilities require federal information processing standards (FIPS 140-2 Validation) on equipment, it’s good to know that HPE is one of very few server manufacturers that go through the effort of full FIPS validation.

During this time when many of us are needing to work remotely—amid the addition of escalating cyberthreats, HPE is here to help.  For more information about this solution and to obtain your free iLO Advanced license, visit:

(1) ABC News, March 17, 2020, Ali Dukakis

(2) HPE iLO Advanced is available for all HPE ProLiant, Apollo, Synergy, SimpliVity, Edgeline, and ProLiant DX (Nutanix) servers, Gen 7 and later.

(3) Customers downloading license keys through Nov. 2, 2020 will receive license keys that will expire on Jan 1, 2021. Customers downloading license keys after Nov 2, 2020 will receive valid license keys for 60 days from date of activation. On January 1, 2021 all FREE license features will end; however, if you would like to continue to take advantage of the iLO Advanced features, a paid license will be available for purchase after the trial license has ended.

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