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It’s here! Download HPE OneView 4.0 today

Wrapped and ready to gift for the holidays, HPE OneView 4.0 is here. A link small enough to stuff in a stocking but benefits big enough to transform your data center, HPE OneView is the foundation you need to have a solid, software-defined infrastructure. If you’ve been paying attention to previous announcements, or if you were able to come to HPE Discover Madrid, you know that HPE OneView 4.0 packs a security punch and saves your holidays with non-disruptive firmware updates for HPE Synergy.

HPE OneView 4.0 highlights include:

  • Scope-based access control provides a very granular level of control, allowing administrators to limit resources that users are authorized to modify based on their specific group or role.
  • Two-factor authentication provides a second level of identification control, protecting user and configuration data from unauthorized access or manipulation. Learn more about additional security features in this demo.
  • Non-disruptive firmware updates for HPE Synergy enable the network to remain up and running with no measurable disruption to application performance, even while firmware and software drivers are being updated.
  • New API integrations with cloud management platforms Morpheus Data, CANCOM and InContinuum enable hybrid cloud management using HPE OneView to automate physical infrastructure monitoring and management.

With a robust partner ecosystem of developer tools, integrations, and more, HPE OneView 4.0 provides a centralized foundation for your software-defined datacenter, allowing you to spend more time creating and less time maintaining.

Don’t forget about some of the other great features that are included with your HPE OneView Advanced License, like the HPE OneView Global Dashboard and HPE Remote Support. Let OneView make support calls for you!

Download here, and visit us at for even more information.

To learn more about HPE OneView, download the free e-book: HPE OneView for Dummies.


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