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Just Announced: New Capabilities to HPE Composability Offerings Improve Cloud Experience


Just Announced: New capabilities to HPE composable offerings improve the cloud experience on premises

A unique combination of composability and intelligence provide the foundation of an autonomous data center

To stay competitive, businesses are trying to accelerate everything – insights from data, application development, and innovation. And they are turning to the cloud to meet that need. At the same time, IT departments are still managing traditional workloads on premises. These workloads are often mission-critical, which they can’t easily shift to the public cloud. And more times than not, their legacy workloads are running in an environment that is rigid, complex, and costly to operate.

To solve this challenge, IT organizations need to transform their operating model. By modernizing and automating traditional IT operations, enterprises can now incorporate the benefits of a cloud experience on premises. An ideal private cloud can reduce IT complexity, save time, and free up capital -- all while increasing IT’s focus on innovation.

To support traditional, cloud-native, virtualized, and containerized applications effectively in a private cloud environment, businesses need a unique combination of two capabilities: composability and intelligence. These technologies are creating the future for an autonomous infrastructure – a future where the enterprise can automate IT operations and accelerate innovation.

The unique combination of composability and intelligence

Today, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is announcing new capabilities[i] to HPE Composable Rack (formerly HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL) and HPE Synergy. With these new features, HPE offers the unique combination of composability and intelligence, which are must-have components of an efficient and autonomous data center.  

HPE’s combination of intelligence and composability are available in both a rack and bladed architecture. Each solution combines software-defined automation, built‑in artificial intelligence (AI), and security to enable IT to rapidly stand up and scale private cloud environments built on HPE composable infrastructure.

HPE Primera, powered by HPE InfoSight, is now integrated with both HPE Composable Rack and HPE Synergy. HPE Primera is a storage platform designed to run mission-critical applications with predictive acceleration, delivering app-aware resiliency and intelligence. With HPE Primera, HPE Composable Rack and HPE Synergy deliver cloud-like speed, scale, and efficiency on premises. These software-defined, composable platforms enable IT to deploy new workloads faster, automate operations, and spend less time on management with a secure and cost-effective approach. Read more about the HPE Primera news here.

Additionally, HPE Composable Rack supports VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), which provides a software-defined solution for traditional and containerized applications in cloud environments. This announcement demonstrates expanded VCF support, building on HPE’s news in 2018 announcing that HPE Synergy became the first composable platform to support VCF. The combination of HPE Composable Rack with VCF helps enterprises easily move to a hybrid cloud environment, deploy private clouds, and reduce costs of virtual machines.

Lastly, both HPE Composable Rack and HPE Synergy can be delivered as-a-service via HPE GreenLake, giving enterprises the benefits of pay-as-you-use economics. This consumption-based model ensures every application is always-on and always-fast, while aligning costs with consumption. So, instead of actually owning the autonomous data center, HPE GreenLake makes it possible for an enterprise IT organization to pay only for what they use, when they use it.  

Welcome to the autonomous data center of the future

Through the unique combination of intelligence and composability, HPE is creating tomorrow’s autonomous, hybrid cloud data center. This experience goes beyond modernizing infrastructure; it’s about delivering a different operational model that relies on intelligence and composability to bring agility, resiliency, and scale to the enterprise.

For information on how you can put HPE composable solutions to work for your business, visit To learn more about how composability and intelligence are empowering the self-driving datacenter, visit To read more about the new capabilities for HPE Composable Rack and HPE Synergy, visit


Heather Leopard
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


[i] New capabilities announced today are available at the end of November 2019.

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