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Re: Just announced: HPE OneView 5.2. What’s new? Plenty!

HPE OneView, HPE announced the latest updates to its popular infrastructure management software, HPE OneView. HPE OneView 5.2 adds enhanced software-defined capabilities to automate data center management across the broad portfolio of HPE ProLiant rack servers, HPE Synergy, and HPE Superdome Flex servers. With these latest automation enhancements, IT administrators save more time while enjoying even more simplified lifecycle management processes.  

Managing infrastructure across a hybrid environment is challenging

Businesses are managing and consuming IT services across a hybrid infrastructure that combines traditional IT along with private, managed, and public clouds. Operating this type of infrastructure is complex and time-consuming because common tools and automation are lacking. Many IT administrators often waste countless hours on manual tasks that are prone to errors. On top of that, they must respond to constant change requests, which typically require manual intervention and specialized skills to adjust their on-premises infrastructure.

Complicated lifecycle operations make it difficult for businesses to support current IT tasks, much less new ideas and applications across a hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. Today’s IT must be more agile – providing developers and lines of business with more simplified and automated solutions that increase speed, productivity, and innovation.

HPE OneView 5.2 news.jpgTo manage the complexity of hybrid environments, businesses need a software-defined approach that easily integrates multi-cloud environments with on-premises infrastructure. HPE OneView is a secure management tool that achieves this goal. It enables rapid provisioning and automating of complex lifecycle operations across the datacenter – all while integrating seamlessly with the tools needed for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

Automation is key for on-premises software-defined infrastructure

Software-defined infrastructure lets IT administrators easily provision and manage physical infrastructure using software-defined templates and APIs to define and automate infrastructure configuration and lifecycle operations. The HPE OneView engineering team has been focused on providing automation innovations across the broad portfolio of on-premises infrastructure: HPE ProLiant rack servers, HPE Synergy, HPE Superdome Flex, and HPE Storage. HPE OneView enhancements include:

HPE ProLiant rack server management enhancements:

  • Maintenance Mode reduces the number of unwanted email notifications during system maintenance, such as server reboots.
  • Expanded infrastructure inventory enables admins to view more detailed information about their server estate in one place. Admins can now get more memory, disk controllers, and disk drives for ProLiant Gen9 servers; additionally, ProLiant Gen10 servers now provide NIC and port mapping details.
  • A display of key server operating details such as server host operating system, installed iLO license is now available, which simplifies operations for IT admins;  additionally, SSD wear information for Gen10 servers is now available via OneView API.
  • Extended firmware compliance dashboard support is now available for all Gen9 servers including HPE ProLiant, Synergy, Apollo, and BladeSystem. 
  • Enhanced scoped-based access control through GUI Restricted Scope Filtering enhances security by restricting user access to specified resources.

HPE Storage enhancements for 3PAR, Primera, and Nimble storage systems:

  • Improved visibility of current storage pool capacity and future capacity availability provides more informed storage assignments. 
  • Automatic SAN storage path load balancing using Server Profile templates enables adherence to best practices for building fault-tolerant configurations.

HPE Synergy management enhancements:

  • 32Gb FC Direct Attach--HPE Synergy Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules directly connect to the HPE 3PAR and Primera storage systems, reducing cost.
  • Enhanced networking load-balancing across HPE Synergy interconnect modules, provides a more predictable network performance.
  • Cisco ACI Integration provides a single point of automation and management for the Cisco ACI fabric, policy enforcement, and health monitoring. This integration results in enhanced customer experience.

HPE Superdome FLEX server management enhancements:

  • Provides support for controlling the secure boot setting through the server profile
  • Provides the option for the graceful shutdown when powering down a partition.

Other enhancements:

  • Custom delivery ID for HPE OneView Remote Support now fast tracks support issues for customers with a customized support process.
  • HPE OneView Update Readiness Checker saves valuable time, as it can be used to assess the health of an appliance and guide the user to resolve any issues that could prevent a successful update.

Partner integrations help automate across a hybrid environment

HPE OneView lets IT administrators connect their software-defined infrastructure from core to cloud by provisioning turnkey private cloud infrastructure with a diverse partner ecosystem. IT organizations can leverage the partner ecosystem to integrate HPE OneView within their existing management frameworks with their preferred platforms. These capabilities allow teams to deliver projects consistently while meeting desired outcomes for key stakeholders.

Through HPE OneView integrations with composable ecosystem partners (such as Morpheus Data), IT administrators can link HPE OneView as a physical infrastructure provider into Open Source, Dev Ops, or Cloud tools. 

Morpheus is a next-gen, multi-cloud automation and orchestration platform that helps enterprise customers move as fast as small agile startups. They do this by giving teams self-service to provision new application stacks, manage governance and security, and even control cloud use and cost across all of their clouds and platforms -- on- and off-prem.  Enterprise customers are using HPE to turn their often complex on-prem datacenters into a true private cloud -- complete with an easy to use self-service catalog of applications. At the same time, they use Morpheus to standardize and govern how users are provisioning into the public cloud. Check out this recent video, New Hybrid Cloud Challenges Require New Solutions, highlighting how the integration between HPE OneView and Morpheus can simplify your hybrid cloud challenges.

Download the HPE OneView 5.2 update and visit to learn more about HPE OneView. You can also download the free e-book: HPE OneView for Dummies to see how to deploy faster and simplify lifecycle operations in your own environment with a 60-day instant free trial.

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