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KVM vs. Crash Cart: What’s it worth for reliable access to your IT equipment?

Concerned about data center crash cart costs in terms of quick access to IT equipment and minimized downtime?  Learn how IT Management from HPE provides a safety net when it comes compute environment control control and access.

KVM vs. crash cart_blog.jpgThe use of management processors, such as HPE iLO, has grown exponentially over the past 10 years. The ease of use and reliability of these embedded server options has led many data center managers to relax their policies regarding redundancy and backup. For many administrators, simply having a crash cart with a laptop attached is good enough to keep things going should the network go down and a server requires some attention.

Ahhh, but to quote Shakespeare, “therein lies the rub.” How many crash carts does it take (no joke intended) to provide the level of accessibility that most CTOs demand? As you expand the data center, should you also build a special room to house all the crash carts you will need to feel safe? Just how quickly can you access your servers using a crash cart? After all, time is money. Oh, and let’s not forget the maintenance and upkeep you will need for those laptops strapped to your crash carts. There’s software updates, replacing batteries, security measures to keep them from leaving the building, and the list goes on.

Why not consider the simpler, more reliable solution than a crash cart: a KVM Console Switch?

Since the introduction of the modern server, KVM switches have provided reliable access to all types of servers and IT equipment. Accessing up to 32 servers per switch and tierinKVM pic for Blog.pngg access to 1000+ servers through a single console, the KVM remains the most reliable technology for consolidated access to the equipment in your data center—especially when your IT environment consists of multiple brands and generations of servers.

Right now, you’re thinking: “But how much will deploying KVM switches in each rack cost me?” The answer is more than the cost of a crash cart and less than one hour of downtime in your data center. Now factor in KVM maintenance which consists of the occasional firmware upgrade over a service life of 10+ years. Add it up and you should have no doubts about the value of KVM.

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