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Designed to build upon the core features of HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers, simple and secure HPE Hybrid Cloud offerings provide the essential pathway to enhanced productivity, improved IT service delivery, and increased profits.

One of the greatest benefits of working with shpe-hybrid-cloud-small-business-solutions_blog.jpgmall and midsize companies (SMBs) like yours is your ability to react quickly to changes in the marketplace.  When you discover an opportunity, you can be quick to investigate and respond to it. But the speed at which you can act also has certain technology requirements to support your momentum. Savvy small and mid-size business owners like you know that cloud can provide the right set of conditions that allow you to confidently meet and even exceed stretch goals and customer requirements. And, with the economics of scale, you see the advantages of hosting applications and data off-premises without having to buy and manage the infrastructure to support them.

You have also come to realize that not all applications and data belong in the public cloud. For example, high volume resources may run too slow, or be completely unavailable should your cloud provider or internet connection go down. You may also need to keep sensitive data on-premises to better protect and secure it, while complying with privacy regulations; you may have periods of peak demand that impact performance.

Here's where Hybrid Cloud comes in

Hybrid Cloud lets you keep local control of critical resources on-premises, while moving less critical applications and some less sensitive data storage to the cloud. You still have the ability to tap into cloud resources on-demand to maintain performance and availability during peak hours of operation.

HPE Small Business Solutions for Hybrid Cloud

To embrace hybrid cloud and all the benefits it brings, SMBs need affordable, secure solutions that are easy to purchase and manage. Combining the right balance of on-premises infrastructure with cloud services from HPE Partners or Microsoft® Azure® Cloud makes small business IT more efficient, reliable and affordable.

 Hewlett Packard Enterprise has available these Hybrid Cloud Solutions:

HPE has worked very closely with our partners to capture best practices, and optimize solutions for each workload to minimize risks and streamline effort. The result? New HPE Small Business Hybrid Cloud Solutions, designed specifically for small and mid-size businesses, are based on HPE ProLiant servers and validated with Microsoft® Azure® Services. Each of this hybrid cloud solution starts with the on-premise HPE Small Business Solution for example Storage & Backup, Virtualization, and Multi-function that is then connected to the relevant cloud services. Together, they present an optimized solutions to meet the needs of small business. In addition, the HPE Silicon Root of Trust builds security right into the server, making the HPE ProLiant Server Family the world’s most secure industry-standard servers.[1] Of course, the right mix of Hybrid Cloud is different for every business. HPE can help you balance your IT needs between on-and off-premises, with an affordable infrastructure that’s secure from the start, optimized for every workload, packaged for any consumption model, ready to scale, and easy to manage.

  • HPE Subscription Services

    Virtually all customers today are looking for a simpler, more efficient way to acquire and consume their IT infrastructure.  With HPE Subscription, you subscribe to a complete IT solution for your business –including services, which is paid in predictable monthly payments.  And, at the end of your chosen term, there is no hassle of ownership. You simply return your equipment, and subscribe to a new IT solution that meets the current needs of your evolving business. At the end of consumption cycle, we help retire your old IT equipment securely, giving you peace of mind knowing sensitive information stored on your devices is not at risk, plus we can assist you in migrating data to the new solution.

    HPE Pointnext: Choose the level of support that meets your IT and business needs

    We know that running your business is a labor of love, but it’s also a 24/7 commitment. Let HPE Pointnext maintain the health of your server and give you peace of mind to focus on your business goals and customer needs. You can explore and choose the level of IT support that meets your business and budget requirements. With services to install, support, and educate you on your server, as well as a broad spectrum of IT solutions, you can be assured that HPE Pointnext has your back.

    With HPE, small and midsize businesses can easily adopt a modern, hybrid cloud infrastructure that is simple, affordable, and secure, helping you keep your feet on the ground while you reach for the clouds.

    To learn more about how these solutions can help you simplify your IT environment, talk with your IT reseller. Don’t have one? Find an IT reseller close to you at, or visit this website to find out more about HPE Small Business Server Solutions.


SanSan Strozier
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

[1] Based on an external firm conducting cyber-security penetration testing of a range of server products from a range of manufacturers, May 2017.

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