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Make ITOps intelligent for SMB

In modern IT operations, management tools and insights provide information and control of systems and infrastructure. Automation supports rapid, accurate response and boosts IT productivity. Learn how HPE InfoSight and HPE Pointnext Services bring these benefits to small and midsized business.

By Compute Experts guest blogger Ed Tittel, technology wrtier/consultant

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Proper use of automation tools and frameworks can help IT and businesses of all sizes and scalesincluding small and midsize businessesbe more productive and responsive to users and stakeholders.

First, automation runs much faster than human-computer interactions can. In fact, automation is hundreds to thousands of times faster than manual input, especially for simple, routine tasks. This makes proper automation especially useful for incident response because it can move as quickly to defend as an automated attack can proceed.

Second, because automation can and should be tested rigorously to make sure it works without errors or issues, it’s also more reliable than human input once it’s put into production.

Given access to results from analytics, cost, or performance monitoring data, automation can also take action to limit resource consumption when costs exceed a preset minimum or when resource consumption spikes.

In general, proper use of automation helps IT—and the businesses it supports—be more productive and responsive to changes in demand or resource requirements. Typical uses of IT automation in SMB operations include:

  • Monitoring networks, servers, and clients for health
  • Tracking vulnerabilities and update status
  • Automated deployment of patches, fixes, and updates

Because automation helps IT do more—and do things faster and more reliably, it’s a huge boon to SMB IT teams that often work under tight resource constraints, especially headcount.

Make ITOps intelligent with HPE InfoSight

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can deliver valuable benefits to SMB IT organizations. The intelligence and insights that AI/ML provide often prove particularly helpful in organizations where human resources are tight, and spare bandwidth to cover strategic analysis and planning may simply be unavailable.

A management philosophy called AIOps is emerging in IT, whereby insights and information elicited from AI models and analyses is immediately put to work to help organizations make better, more efficient use of the IT assets and resources available to them—both on-premises and in the cloud).

And, of course, automation plays a key role in such capability because it provides a reliable, well-tested framework within which speedy, program-driven IT management becomes possible.

HPE InfoSight, a predictive analytics tool that uses AI and ML to address IT issues before they can impact the infrastructure, has more than 10 years of collecting telemetry data and retraining ML models. Each second, millions of sensor measurements capture the state of systems, subsystems, and surrounding IT infrastructure within thousands upon thousands of organizations.

This data is collected and analyzed across the entire HPE global installed base. More data leads to greater insights and enables HPE InfoSight to make more intelligent decisions and recommendations. A global intelligence engine sits at its heart. This is where cloud-based ML comes into play. From the insights the intelligence engine provides, HPE InfoSight can:

  • Make recommendations
  • Provide proactive wellness, monitoring, and adaptive behavior through global learning
  • Create and apply workload fingerprints
  • Apply predictive analytics
  • Automate support wherever and whenever possible

By leveraging analytics collected across countless HPE customer platforms around the world, HPE InfoSight iterates through innumerable cycles of observing-learning-predicting-recommen­ding-acting. This process allows advanced visualizations and dashboards for users and supports a fully workload-optimized infrastructure.

Rely on HPE Pointnext Services

In addition, HPE Pointnext Services can help IT organizations plan and do more by tapping the expertise of its consulting staff, who may have skillsets that are difficult or impossible to develop in-house in a small or midsized business.

The HPE Pointnext Services team can help small and midsized businesses go beyond traditional hardware support to offer recommendations on how to optimize and run workloads better, cheaper, and faster. All in all, HPE Pointnext Services offers SMBs the precious commodity known as “peace of mind,” secure in the knowledge that their IT operations are effective and optimal.

For most SMBs, HPE InfoSight lets them optimize IT performance, as the global data patterns let them predict and prevent problems before they become serious. HPE InfoSight also helps make infrastructures smarter and keep improving themselves, based on observation and repetition of what works best for current situations and circumstances.

In this way, HPE InfoSight helps SMBs make IT assets more available and reliable and assists in optimizing application performance and in planning for growth and expansion of IT resources. When HPE Pointnext Services comes into the picture, its consultants can offer further recommendations to optimize workloads and enhance productivity.

Put this potent combination to work for your business

In modern IT operations, management tools and insights provide information, control, and overview of systems and infrastructure. Automation supports rapid, accurate response and boosts IT productivity and capability.

Let HPE InfoSight and HPE Pointnext Services bring these benefits to your business.

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Ed Tittel-guest blogger SMB HPE.pngMeet our Compute Experts guest blogger Ed Tittel, technology wrtier/consultant.

Ed is a 30-plus year veteran of the IT industry who writes regularly about cloud computing, networking, security and Windows topics. Perhaps best known as the creator of the Exam Cram series of certification prep books in the late 1990s, Ed writes and blogs regularly for, Win10.Guru, ComputerWorld and other sites. 

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